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  1. stevesmithfan

    What size tension rods for a Ludwig Acro

    I replaced a few tension rods on my 5x14” 60’s Supraphonic . They were 1/2”
  2. stevesmithfan

    Coated Emperor X

    Well said. I’ve been a Remo Ambassador Drummer for a long time. I bought a used Sonor chrome Ferro snare recently on eBay, it came with an Aquarian’s triple thread coated head. 3 plies! It sounds wonderful. I’m not going to change it! Enjoy your Emperor X
  3. stevesmithfan

    New SONOR SQ2 African Marble - Vintage Maple set

    Welcome to the Sonor family!
  4. stevesmithfan

    OT sort of: Getting Old and getting more cranky

    You can’t make money off copy written material. That’s another can of worms.
  5. stevesmithfan

    OT sort of: Getting Old and getting more cranky

    I think a lot of these kids that can play perfect drum covers think they’ll get discovered and become famous. Which we know is a very unrealistic expectation. I’ve yet to see a drummer get discovered as a result of drum covers.
  6. stevesmithfan

    Sonor D 506 score!

    Thanks Frankie great story your D 506 purchase.
  7. stevesmithfan

    Sonor D 506 score!

    Thanks guys. I just recorded it in my home studio. It sounds great under the microphones.
  8. stevesmithfan

    Sonor D 506 score!

    Standard butt plate.
  9. stevesmithfan

    Sonor D 506 score!

    I just bought a used in mint condition on Reverb a Sonor 6.5x14 snare drum. It sounds like Bonham’s LM 402 on steroids! This is the best snare I’ve ever played. That Ferro Chrome is something else.
  10. stevesmithfan

    Am I asking too much?

    I think people generally speaking are asking for too much money on used drum gear. eBay Reverb etc., eBay is full of used listings that don’t sell.
  11. stevesmithfan

    Snare Recommendations???

    Go to the hefty post above. That’s the drum you need.
  12. stevesmithfan

    What is this thing?

    Those 3 clips are attached to the bass drum shell and hold the muffler against the bass drum head. It’s a great system.
  13. stevesmithfan


    Once you get a clear acrylic snare there’s no going back. I’ve got supra’s, BB’s and a radio king that haven’t seen the light of day since I got my Sonor acrylic snare. Good luck I hope you find one. Nice kit btw.
  14. stevesmithfan

    Matt Chamberlain now with Yamaha. Not April Fools

    What is A and F?
  15. stevesmithfan

    Matt Chamberlain now with Yamaha. Not April Fools

    I guess Gretsch were the best drums he ever played until a better deal came along.
  16. stevesmithfan

    Just got back from the worst concert in my life !

    I walked out of a Motley Crue show 1987 or 88 don’t remember. The musicianship was sloppy and below average from all 4. Unacceptable I haven’t seen them since.
  17. stevesmithfan

    Single ply coated tom heads for pop/rock, anyone?

    Stay with coated Ambassadors. The Ambassador X is great on snare, but flat and dull imo on Tom toms.
  18. stevesmithfan

    Floor Tom Addition Advice

    18” Floor Tom not a 14” imo.
  19. stevesmithfan

    At what point do we hear Ringo on a COB Supraphonic ?

    I don’t think Ringo ever used a Supraphonic with the Beatles.
  20. stevesmithfan

    Recent Steve Gadd Live Up Close Video

    Great video! Steve has always played the same drum configuration throughout his entire career.