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  1. J

    4 x 14 Blue Onyx Dynasonic on eBay

    Interesting story....!!???? eBAY LINK
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    Rogers Pricing - need help

    Hoping some of the Rogers pros can help me out....I know of an 18" FT that might be available. Told it's 18x16 script badge from 70's. Have seen p[ictures and it is in real nice condition. My dilemma is, I really don't know the value of this. I am interested in buying it, but want to make...
  3. J

    Red Rogers...what about the "SCRIPT"?

    Does anyone else think something is not quite right....looks to me like script badges are at much more severe angle than from the factory..... CL LINK
  4. J

    Dyna on eBay with issues

    Anyone else see the issues with this drum? My link
  5. J

    Beautiful Rogers kit

    Blue Onyx at Maxwell's
  6. J

    ROGERS Black Beauty Chrome/Steel 14" Snare Drum-LUDWIG

    I'm a Rogers person since 1964, but this is a new one on me....ANYONE? Fleabay link
  7. J

    Blk Onyx 6 1/2 Dyna WOW

    $6,400 BIN I love vintage Rogers and want a wood dyna, but $6,400....WOW,?!?