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  1. kevinnorris

    Slingerland Krupa COB...proper snare installation?

    There's a great article from DR. Wenk over at VDF on the topic... Link
  2. kevinnorris

    Bose 901 Series II speakers

    Thanks, all for the advice!! I have a set of '02 601s currently.... pushing them with an older 200 watt Kenwood, and they sound great at mid to high volume levels. I was hoping for a more efficient speaker system for lower volume levels..... appears that the 901s do not fit that bill. I'm...
  3. kevinnorris

    Bose 901 Series II speakers

    I'm looking at buying some old Bose, and need some advice? There's several Series IIs on the Bay and could use some guidance and verifications. Thanks Kev
  4. kevinnorris

    Spirit of St. Louis, wow!

    I picked one up last year. I was very surprised with the tone.... much crisper than I would have imagined.
  5. kevinnorris

    Whose site is this?

    And $800 Slingy toms...............
  6. kevinnorris

    Creative Drum Case Repair

    Re-purpose + Recycle = a healthier planet !! Big thumbs up !!
  7. kevinnorris

    Old camcos Pics dissapointment and dilema

    I would definitely not re-wrap. Striking a balance between polishing the hardware beyond what looks reasonable on an outfit is something I try to consider too. For me, re-chroming and polishing up to the highest level of luster on the wheel looks a bit out of place on some kits with a player's...
  8. kevinnorris

    Is This Going Too Far?

    The stuff looks heat damaged to boot....... Was perfectly fine where it was, most likely. Shame, shame........
  9. kevinnorris

    Anyone know where I can find wires like these?

    ReGal Music I have some wire-wound silk wires in the same style. Shoot me your address and I'll send one or two to you. Kev
  10. kevinnorris

    '56 Slingerland Gene Krupa Deluxe Ensemble........SOLD

    Bumpin this.......
  11. kevinnorris

    '56 Slingerland Gene Krupa Deluxe Ensemble........SOLD

    Putting these up for sale. 22/13/16/ with matching 5.5x14 Super Gene Krupa Radio King snare. Hardware included as well. The 2 cymbal arms, Epic bass pedal, Krupa hat stand, and snare stand. Woodblock/cowbell and mount and Shur-Grip muffler included. I've got the front and back RK calf heads for...
  12. kevinnorris

    It's Time to put a Face with the Name

    Ouch, it's
  13. kevinnorris

    ludwig stainless steel kit 24/18/14---SOLD

    Got the outfit yesterday in good shape and packed like Fort Knox!! Paid for it on the evening of the 27th, and they arrived on the 30th !! Thanks Hoochymama for a great deal all around!! Kev
  14. kevinnorris

    ludwig stainless steel kit 24/18/14---SOLD

    PM sent............
  15. kevinnorris

    What brand?

    Here's my Slingy case, just like it aside from color Dang, she's a bit rusty....
  16. kevinnorris

    Hello DFO Here is what I will do.

    Well put, and I'm surprised to see how many are long-standing and heavy posters. I put in $20 twice a year, and it hardly stings at all. It's not a big contribution at all, but if just 50% of the members did that......... Just sayin'.......
  17. kevinnorris

    Ben, PLEASE listen to the community!?

    Second and Third that Emotion..... Folks don't like to have their financial freedoms messed with. This Forum can stay the same and stay alive and kickin through other moves. Think on it some more..... the answer will come. This marriage with your auction site is not the answer.... divorce is...
  18. kevinnorris

    DFO and

    Five bucks a year to sell here sounds good.... see where it leads. DFO should float its own boat financially or fold. As should DrumSell. Something kinda similar used to occur in coal towns.... getting paid for work in company script and then having to buy all your household supplies in the...