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  1. Alan_

    Wanted: Ludwig early B/O badge 3ply/rerings/clear interior WMP 8x12 tom

    Looking for one to complete my set. Player condition is fine as long as it's in round/bearing edges aren't a nightmare (I understand that this era of Ludwig isn't always the most precise as far as bearing edges go).
  2. Alan_

    Looking for something to do in Austin Wed, 4/19? Come see me play with six7teen!

    We're playing Kick Butt Coffee tonight, around 10:30 I haven't heard the other two bands on the bill, but am looking forward to doing so.
  3. Alan_

    a couple other albums. this band has recently started rehearsing again, played a gig in late December. We have 50+ songs, so the plan is to start recording again soon. We recorded this one ourselves and then I mixed..and it was tortuous. Way too complicated, and took way too...
  4. Alan_

    six7teen: Short but Sweet! (Pop-Punk album released about a year ago) For sale but you don't have to buy to listen! Check it out. Basic tracks (drums and scratch guitar/bass) recorded in a bedroom under borderline 'demo' conditions...guitar/bass overdubs at a proper studio...then mixed and mastered by Desecendents guitar...
  5. Alan_

    Hi all: old newbie, figured I'd post some pics of gear.

    Hi there. Figured I'd share :) Late 60's B/O Ludwig WMP 13/14 toms, 22 60's Roger Tower bd, 5x14 COB Rogers Powertone snare. Paiste cymbals: 602 ME 18" crash, blue label 602 21" Heavy, 2002 14" SoundEdge hihats. My original kit all together, sans snare...\ late 60's B/O Ludwig: 13/14/16...
  6. Alan_

    Unexpected happiness: Pearl Demon Drive bd pedal.

    So...I have this nasty habit of breaking bass drum pedals. Nothing else but snare-side heads and the occasional snare stand do I have a problem with breaking. Batter heads, sticks and cymbals last me jesst fine. Here at work, I have 2 DW 5000's staring at me that need new parts. Have a DW7000...