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    List of vintage drum shops, auction sites, other sources with online presence

    Shop and sometimes will have a surprise now and then.
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    Vintage Ludwig parts

    I would like the spurs please
  3. drumdrumdrum

    SOLD! - WorldMax Black on Brass Super-Sensitive - 14" x 6.5"

    Does it have extra holes or was it drilled specifically for the ss mechanism?
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    Ludwig 18" Floor tom - SOLD

    Is this still available
  5. drumdrumdrum

    **SOLD** Ludwig bags

    Email sent
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    14x5.5" Pioneer, 12" and 14" Ludwig Club Date drums. Also open to selling

    I am interested in them...trades?? Cymbals other drums? Send me your # or email. thanks Brian 4172241261
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    Black Beauty with silver badge??

    I just picked this up today and started cleaning it up. Trying to figure out why it has a silver badge on it as I know a black beauty is not a prototype. John Aldridge says maybe a factory second from that time frame but doesn't know why they'd use that badge.
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    Need Help for my step daughter

    Praying for you my friend. My wife has to take some special medicine that obama-care doesn't seem to cover now.... we have found we can get 4 months supply from Canada for the price of 14 days worth here even with insurance.....
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    Sold - Trick Pro1-V Bass Drum Pedal - $125 shipped (price lowered)

    What's the rod sticking out to the right? For a double? Left slave side? Any trades?
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    Top hat and cane

    Brand new classic maple - atlas tom and rail mount included 20-12-14 + 6.5 matching snare Brand new never played $2400 shipped for all $1900 for 20-12-14 $400 for snare Possible trades....
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    Top hat and cane

  12. drumdrumdrum

    Top hat and cane

  13. drumdrumdrum

    Rogers parade drum

    Rogers Parade Drum
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    Slingerland bass drum

    Red sparkle 22" Free MIJ tom with purchase Slingerland 22" Bass Drum 1964 Red Sparkle
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    Sonor vintage series w/snare

    Brand new Ordered through Steve Maxwells at 2015 Chicago show picked up in January this year Never played..... Sonor Vintage Series 2015 Vintage White Marine Pearl Snare Included !!
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    Camco kit

    Selling some drums..... Camco 24 -12"-13"-14"-14"-16"-18 Yes 2- 14" one is rack tom other is suspended floor tom Vintage Camco Drum Kit