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  1. Eck

    If you're having problems viewing the site

    Scroll down to the bottom of any page. In the drop-down menu that says "DFOv3" change the setting to IP.Board (the default system theme).
  2. Eck

    iPhone App

    Download the IPB iPhone app and then use it to connect to DFO
  3. Eck

    Technology Poll - browser and screen resolution

    EDIT: Ugg...I guess there's a bug in the skin that poll questions are white as well as the background. Here are the questions: 1. Which browser do you use most? 2. Please select the screen resolution you use most. 3. Do you use a widescreen monitor? Please fill out the above poll questions...
  4. Eck

    What do you want to see added to DFO?

    What's missing from DFO? I try to reach out as often as I can when I feel I have time and this may be the last shot in a while with the twins coming soon. And now that the forum is stable with the latest bug fix from Invision, I feel like I might be able to whip up a thing or two. So, aside...
  5. Eck

    [Re-enabled] Topic Bump

    You can now bump topics once per hour. Please use the feature responsibly. The bump topic button should be up at the top center when viewing topics.
  6. Eck

    Board Stats - 4600+ Members!

    Haven't done this in a long time, but just for the curious ones here ya go: Almost 2 GB worth of you see why we have to limit the size :) Congratulations on almost 4 years! :occasion5: Let's see if we can hit 5000 by Aug 4th! Spread the word! Board statistics Number of...
  7. Eck

    Portal Layout

    The portal is back! I'm sure it has some bugs and inconsistencies which you all are very good at finding! ;) If you have suggestions, gripes, etc, please start a thread in the Help section (for now). Just about anything can be changed. Here's a short list of things to think about...
  8. Eck

    Welcome Back!

    Most everything went well over the weekend. We're up and running on the latest codes of all the software we use and I'm still working through a few known issues. The only one that affects you all so far is a change in how the Topic Hover Preview works. It still shows up but not in the nice...
  9. Eck

    Please Read: Maintenance 6/26 - 6/28

    EDIT #2: A slight delay of 2 or 3 hours needs to occur but it shouldn't affect anything. The site won't go down until about 11 or midnight tonight but the ETA will not change. The site will be back up and running hell or high water by Sunday. EDIT: I'm going to take the site down at about 9p...
  10. Eck

    Help Questions

    All, Please post site problems, questions, etc in the Help! forum. It helps keep the site organized and will help with the database size so the site can remain running smoothly. I know you post in General because it gets the most traffic. Rest assured, though. I get an email notification as...
  11. Eck

    New DFO Admin Email Address

    I've changed the address with which the site sends out notifications (PM's, topic replies, etc.) from admin to webmaster due to some SPAM issues. So please add webmaster (at) to your whitelists.
  12. Eck

    Server Downtime

    Just wanted to give a reason why the site was down most of today. The server we are hosted on had a RAID Controller failure. I have no idea why that took so long to diagnose and to repair but that's the reason. Chris and I are currently talking with our host to see why this was not dealt with...
  13. Eck

    Gallery is Back!

    You'll see a link to the Gallery in the upper right of your DFO screen. Post bugs in the bug thread in the Help! section.
  14. Eck

    Update - We're Back - the Prequel

    It's sort of a prequel because we're back to the portal-less config with no mods. This is step one. Let's see if the server will stay online while you all pound it with your normal activity. A few things to note: Attachments are not showing up. I realize this and while most of the files are...
  15. Eck

    We're Back - The Sequel

    Ok I think we're good. Sorry for the ups and downs but our database really didn't like me after all the crashes we had over the week due to lack of RAM. We've beefed up our server (at nearly double the cost) but I think we have the resources we need for now. Keep posting bugs in the...
  16. Eck

    We're Back

    Time for me to get some sleep. Most everything is up and running. cpj83 has some work to do as far as setting up the Photo Gallery and a few other things but we're far enough along that I've obviously opened things back up. I need to see if I can add the hover preview to the Recent Topics and...
  17. Eck

    **Update** Site Downtime Coming

    I'll start the transition to the new site at about 8:00 PM EST (-5 GMT) this Friday 1/30/2009. By the time the backup completes and I install the new software & mods everything should be back up sometime saturday morning. I'll post updates on the temp page at while I'm...
  18. Eck

    Board Statistics

    I think its fun to look at these every once in a while and I thought I'd share with you all. Number of posts: 349502 - Posts per day (avg.): 277.20 Number of topics: 34414 - Topics per day (avg.): 27.29 Number of users: 3867 - Users per day (avg.): 3.07 Number of attachments: 27567...
  19. Eck


    So we got hit with the hammer again and we've been told this is the final time they will re-enable our account should things go down hill again. In order to curb some of the load on the server I have put in place an Archive section and anything (excluding the Professionals forums) that is older...
  20. Eck

    Update 3: Site Outage

    Ok, so you've noticed the site is back up after a few excrutiating hours of downtime. The problem is still being investigated but we should be good to go for now. The search functionality is temporarily non-functional as I believe that the search database was part of this. But other than...