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  1. GrandpaCleve

    Earthtone head logo removal

    Can I use acitone to rove this logo? I don't want my 1940s R faced lug set to have it out front.
  2. GrandpaCleve

    Gretsch snare drums and other vintage stuff Why pay feebay? Any of my auctions for a money order less 10%. I have some old Ludwig & Ludwig pedals as well. Paypal add 3%. Email direct with any interest fltgrycleav at...
  3. GrandpaCleve

    Floor tom cradle

    Floor tom cradle. Nickel finish. Only like the one in the picture. Email direct fltgrycleav at Thanks, Gary
  4. GrandpaCleve

    Rogers Day! as per the Mayor of Covington, OH

    Rogers day has been proclaimed April 27th for the employees of the 1950s/1960s. Thanks to all the employees that made all those great magical Rogers drums! Praise Joe Thompson and Henry Grossman.
  5. GrandpaCleve

    Clip mount bass tom holder

    Looking for the exact one in the pic. Nickel finish W + A. Please email direct with a pic and price. Thanks, Gary fltgrycleav at
  6. GrandpaCleve

    R lug Rogers drums

    Wanted R lug Farmingdale era drums. Email direct fltgrycleav at Thanks, Gary
  7. GrandpaCleve

    The Saint in Asbury Park closing Back in the day I played there with three different groups in the 1980s and 1990s. We opened for The Noel Redding Experience and Cake when they came through town. Some days it was packed...
  8. GrandpaCleve

    1950s Rogers bass pedals

    Looking for black based Rogers bass pedals. Email direct with a price and a pic to fltgrycleav at Thanks, Gary
  9. GrandpaCleve

    Rogers Powertone/Powerlites

    So a while back I came across this aluminum shell Powertone. It has some numbers etched into the shell under the script that doesn't make any sense to me. Then this year another aluminum Powertone popped up and I had to own it. The first one has a serial number of 21,319. This new one has a...
  10. GrandpaCleve

    Rogers 1955 Holiday Trifecta Complete

    It only took me 20 yrs to get the following in the same place at the same time. Now I have to find the 6.5 versions...yeah right! Very pleased with the following pics for now. 1955 Holiday early eagle birds complete color scheme as seen in the early catalog page. The bdp arrived this a.m...
  11. GrandpaCleve

    Rogers Powertone

    This item was sold.
  12. GrandpaCleve

    Rogers sold.

    going going gone.
  13. GrandpaCleve

    Rogers 4 digit Powertone-red sparkle

    this one is going to feebay once it is detailed.
  14. GrandpaCleve

    Rogers OH and NJ metal snare drums

    The attached pics show what I'm posting about. Still looking for a 6.5 in that R lug utility model. Anyway... There are only 4 examples known of the other OH metal special. Rogers didn't offer metal snares until the Holiday in 1960. Anybody out there have an olde Rogers tucked away. Please...
  15. GrandpaCleve

    Rogers oddity sticks

    I've had over sized sticks that were a store/counter display in the past. Bid on these odd short Rogers sticks that are stumpy and heavy. I've checked the catalogs and come up empty. Anybody else have a pair or can tell me what I have? Thanks in advance. Gary
  16. GrandpaCleve

    attn Ploughman Rogers characteristic

    This cool Classmate with throw off came to me today. Usually that model just had a tension-er. There was a drum going around with this butt plate in this time period. This is another example of it popping up on a Rogers drum.
  17. GrandpaCleve

    Century 15" not Holiday 14" Thought this drum looked odd. Never saw a 6 1/2 Holiday with separate lugs. Century typed tag on this one 8x15.
  18. GrandpaCleve

    please date my cymbal stamp Zildlji..n stamp

    Found at auction. want to sell but I don't know what I am offering. It is 4 lbs 6g 20" tough to find the logo stamp.
  19. GrandpaCleve

    Rogers drum shell construction

    Saw the following UK drum catalog on that auction site. 3rd page has text about the non Keller shells. Now why didn't they have this in the USA catalog? Would of saved some arguments on these forums. Cool catalog page...
  20. GrandpaCleve

    Star/Pearl 5pc with hardware

    Star/Pearl 5pc with hardware.