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    Eric Valentine tuning drums for recording

    If you're interested in recording drums this channel is cool. Nothing is cast in stone for recording but he gets great rock drum sounds and this video and the mixing drums one are worth looking at IMHO.
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    The Kites + The Clevelands

    A video for our FB page. I miss these troublemakers. Stay safe.
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    Slingerland snare help

    This is a difficult post to write - let alone understand, but I'll try anyway - hope you can perservere. Here's the short version: Slingerland snare; single ply shell; really trashed; before I restored it. Many, many drill holes; even a section with epoxy glue and washers as filling. Snare throw...
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    Nigel Olsson

    Wonderful show with EJ last week. Row 10. My wife bought two tickets after a glass of wine. We could have had a week in Bali! But it was really special. That band is a lesson in economic playing. Except for Sir Reg of course, who plays non-stop. I was amazed at how little Nigel plays. He barely...
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    Paiste Traditional Thin Crash 16"

    Any experience with any size crash in this series?
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    Rogers "Celebrity" vs "Headliner"

    What's the difference? Thanks very much.
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    Paiste 16” RSC options

    Just lost my 16” SF Crystal Crash this week. Finally cracked it, after 15 years of some fairly punishing playing. It was a great fast crash. I used to swap it out for a 17” 3000 for bigger gigs but got a bit lazy. Purely from the Paiste Sound Room, I find myself attracted to a) Sig precision...
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    Speaking of Yamaha Crosstown hardware

    I've been using this set for about 6 months. I breifly considered flipping them, for the reasons below. Too lazy. Here's my opinion; and a question. Briefly: Pros - wonderful engineering; snare stand is beautiful; hi-hat stand actually makes my hats sound better (crazy but maybe not) cymbal...
  9. troutstudio

    Hardware bag

    I've been using an "Xtreme" (cheapish) long hardware bag with wheels for a few years. It finally split at the end. I sewed it up with wire and covered the Frankinstein result with gaffa. A year later, I need a new bag. This is for my hi-hat, stool, pedal, snare stand, floor tom legs and tom arm...
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    Maxwells NOS Rogers goes to Pete Erskine

    Gone to a good home. Help me out here please! It's driving me mad. These came from a music store with a basement in Illinois. I found pictures of it at one stage. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  11. troutstudio

    My Hal Blaine memory

    As amazing as his contribution to drumming was; a lot of Hal's songs were not tunes that I really listened to - as opposed to heard, of course. Except I learned to play drums to "Close To You" on my mothers bar stools. But I have ended up studying the drumming of Steely Dan a bit and I know the...
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    Great interview from Beato. Vinnie digs Ringo!
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    Yamaha Stage Custom 200?

    What were these drums like? Maple, air seal, made in Indonesia. I think they might have 60 degree edges as I recall. Opinions valued.
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    Public Service Announcement

    If you haven't heard the latest album from The Steve Gadd Band (and if you're interested obviously) then please - sit and listen through this set, from this playlist. Or buy it! I've listened to Gadd play since I was 17 and I seriously can't think of a time he was in better form, feel wise. A...
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    TAMA Spruce

    I got a chance to play a set of these today; they had wood hoops. Lovely sound and beautifully made. Ever played spruce drums?
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    Tom tuning theory fromRick Beato

    Opinions on this? Give it a go if you can and report. Thanks.
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    What happened to drum bags?

    I went to find some inexpensive drum bags and got a couple of "Xtreme" bags - unbelievable for the money really - just to try them out. What is a drag is that these bags are all much bigger than I need. I wanted a 13" x 11" bag for a mounted tom I use as a floor - I ended up with a 12", which...
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    The ultimate live metronome

    Is Band Set List Maker merged with Live BPM. That's what I need anyway. I use both those apps extensively at gigs and I need them to merge. I've taken recently to jotting down the tempos on our paper setlist and I must admit that I get a kick out of seeing the number come up correctly on Live...
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    Great sounding Pearl drums

    Yes, I know this might start a bonfire, but I do have altruistic motives. A guitarist friend put me onto Michael McDonald's first original album in 17 years "Wide Open" I played it in my car that night on an hour long drive back from an out of towner. Great record and I kept thinking what a fine...
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    2 kit microphones and in-ears

    I called the sound guy at a new gig to check his rig and he told me he will be using 2 mics on the kit. One in the bass drum and one between the floor tom and the bass drum, running "quite hot". I will be carrying my mic case and I can add an overhead for myself very quickly. I am a close...