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  1. animalbeats

    Twin Cannon drums closed?

    I see there seems to be no website or any activity from Twin Cannon drums. Think they're closed? Although I wont be able to afford their products anytime soon, I was thinking about it.
  2. animalbeats

    Trying to get a Brady Jarrah type kit built

    I'm looking to get a Jarrah ply drum kit of a Brady type construction, Ideally 10, 12, 14, 16, 20 x 19. Does anyone know the ply configurations Brady used?
  3. animalbeats

    Brady snare finish - can anyone explain.

    Just bought a Brady snare second hand in Black Lacquer Sparkle but the sparkles are thin on the ground and beneath the finish there are thousands of dull squares. Can someone please explain, it feels defective? Ps. All pictures are the correct colour. Pps. Is the pictured inconsistency in the...
  4. animalbeats

    Suspended custom pattern within drum finish

    I'm wanting to custom refinish drums with my own design. I'd like this design to be "suspended" within the finish.
  5. animalbeats

    Drum lug snapped off?

    Two of my snare drum lugs have snapped off the metal bent....... So in my shell I have the four metal ends that secure the lugs to the inside of the drum. Is my snare "Game Over?"
  6. animalbeats

    13" Tom to snare advice

    I have a 13'" one of these I wish to turn into a snare drum. I do not know the number of ply or wood type, making the question easier for you..... I'm wondering if it will be worth it and what are your experiences? My link
  7. animalbeats

    Does WD40 Damage drum finishes

    Hi Does DW40 Damage drum finishes, before I go about spraying on my drums Who knoweth the answer? (and what is it)
  8. animalbeats

    How does Mr Pork Pie make such drums?

    Does anyone know how Mr Pork Pie does his bearing edges? Especially the bass drum which sounds AAAAAmazing un-ported.
  9. animalbeats

    What kind local company culd cut down cymbals?

    Without going to a specialist what kind of business could cut down cymbals. Could a laser cutter do it?
  10. animalbeats

    98 DW Craviotto. Nicks on bearing edge

    So, I left my 98 DW Collectors Craviotto Snare without a rim on, and, not surprisingly, it has sustained two definatley nicks, they are that small you could not photograph them, but a run round with a finger tells you they are there. Does even the tiniest of nicks effect the sound? I'm...
  11. animalbeats

    Billy martin

  12. animalbeats

    Groundbreaking Zildjian Electronic Cymbals

    OOOOOOooooooooooooooooo AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Top secret
  13. animalbeats

    Should I give my DW the pork pie treatment

    Played a chineese pork pie, in a drum shop, the sound blew me away, especialy the bass. I have a 1995 Keller DW, and am debating wether I should give it the "pork pie" treatment, as in getting the bearing edges done by the man himself. Please dont digress into general DW hating, life it too...
  14. animalbeats

    26" 1950 Hollow stamp ride, it has sustained an injury

    Hey guys, bought a 26" ride as stated above, unfortunatley, I have bent it :neutral: by putting it in my back seat and moving my chair backwards, anyways, does anyone know any cymbal fixers? it's not that badly bent, but you can tell when looking at it.
  15. animalbeats

    Please be helping in identifying these Lugs.

    Hi guys, bought a Premier Genista, got a 4" x 12" as a main snare, looks somewhat homemade, home apply'd wrap and no gromets? (things for the sound holes). So I'm just wondering about the lugs.
  16. animalbeats

    Post your 22" & 23" Kits!!! Not big, or wee, just the right size.

    :Indianapolis_Colts: 22" & 23" Bass drum owners cannot, and will not, tolerate this blatant injustice of discrimination, favoritism and inequality displayed and propogated by some factions of the drumforum website; so please with all pride, dignity and self-admirational delight, post your...
  17. animalbeats

    Waxing bearing edges?

    What's this all about then?
  18. animalbeats

    Bass drum Woofer

    Having recently aquired a DW Woofer 8" x 28" and being totaly thrilled with it, decided to buy a 6" x 22" Keller shell from e-bay, to match my 22" bass drum. However, I only noticed that DW woofers are 8" deep by the time I had purchased the 6" deep shell. So, before I go about making it into a...
  19. animalbeats

    Remo coated Ambasador

    Hi Folks, are Remo Coated Ambasador any good for Rock/Metal of will they give way?
  20. animalbeats

    DW bass drum lugs

    Well folks, I've aquired a woofer shell 6" x 20" (I'll write it the "american way"). And I'm looking for some bass drums lugs, I have a Collectors, and obviously want it to match. DW doesnt sell their lugs, is this right?, so, I'm wondering where one can purchase them, I would be willing to buy...