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  1. slinginit

    TAMA Speed Cobra double pedal with case

    Pictures coming tonight. VGC double-chain double pedal. Asking $315 shipped within ConUSA. Longboard, light, powerful, and controlled. Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree) uses one of these. Selling b/c I'm just not a double-pedal guy and usually default to my single pedal or using this one...
  2. slinginit

    What kind of UDU do you do?

    Thinking of purchasing an udu drum. I see a lot of LP options s out there but wondered what you thought of those and if there was a different maker.
  3. slinginit

    Enduro hard cases for throne

    Have hard Humes & Berg Enduro cases for the following drum sizes: 14x24; 9x12; 9x13. No foam inserts. Used to live in FL and foam would get nasty after a while. Will trade all the cases for a decent throne from Roc n Soc or Porkpie.
  4. slinginit

    19 Bosphorus Antique thin ride for Sab, Bos, throne

    Have a 19 Bosphorus Antique thin ride with 1 rivet and holes for 2 more (1633 g). Great cymbal that sounds very much like my 22 Bosphorus rides with less decay. No cracks, keyholes, or flea bites. Interested in trading for the following: Pork pie or Rock n soc throne Bosphorus 18 crash...
  5. slinginit

    Tama beaters for Speed Cobra

    Good evening, As I await the arrival of a SC double pedal, I'm looking at changing the beaters. Thinking of either the black rubber beaters or the "accu strike" version. Who's played these? What do you think of either for sound, response, balance, etc.?
  6. slinginit

    DW 5000 double pedal (double chain) w/case

    Solid double pedal with the turbo (accelerator?) shaped rocker. Double chain, used on a practice pad for 2 yrs. Few light marks or scratches, but otherwise like new. No rust. Comes with original carrying case which is also on great shape. Asking $250 shipped to lower 48. Pics coming tonight.
  7. slinginit

    Double pedals: Some perform better than others?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently using a DW 5000 Turbo double pedal as my "workout" pedal. It's powerful, quick, but heavier feeling than the single-chain Pearl, Camco, and strap Pearl (all 90s vintage). Ultimately, I think the single chain is ideal for the response I'm looking for (rehearsal +...
  8. slinginit

    TAMA Superstar tom mount (80s)

    Built like a tank and firs the original brackets. The tom memory locks are not original but are included (newer Tama). Asking $50 shipped conusa.
  9. slinginit

    9x13 Enduro case for 8x10 Enduro case

    Have a Humes & Berg hard Enduro case, no foam, fit for a 9x13 tom. I no longer have that size of drum and am looking for a H&B Enduro 8x10. Does not need to have foam inserts. I prefer the hard cases to the bags.
  10. slinginit

    Favorite light-weight beater

    Currently "hot rodding" a Tama Camco pedal with new bearings. Goal is for a smooth, fast, and light pedal for jazz; I have other pedals I use for "power". Tried a standard felt beater but didn't like the feel. What is a good lighter beater? I saw some of the Vic Firth beaters with the fleece...
  11. slinginit

    Tama Camco project pedal

    Well, after some deliberation I've decided to take on a new project. That is, I buy a pedal consisting of a simple, tried & true design, then I clean it and soup it up with new bearings. Been doing this with Pearl pedals from the 80s & 90s, and finally grabbed a 90s Tama Camco (not the...
  12. slinginit

    Sorta OT: Noise-cancelling headphones - what kind do you use?

    I'm looking for a good set of noise-cancelling headphones compatible with Android (I don't understand why some are geared for Apple vs. Android, but apparently it's a thing...). I'm at a loss with reviews from amazon and other places because I just don't know who to trust. In one case, Bose...
  13. slinginit

    Who plays mini timbales (PDP, Meinl, LP, etc.)??

    I've seen these for cheap ($50) and figured they could add some "Latin" flavor to my kit. Just recently purchased a LP ES6 salsa cowbell + mount and was thinking of adding a 10" timbale just above the floor toms. Does anyone play these? Where do you mount yours? How do you play it...
  14. slinginit

    My INDē snares

    Took advantage of the holiday special and snagged a 6.5x14 maple IND? in light blue to add more flavor with my 5x14 maple in a custom deep amber. Band noticed the warmth, openness, and throatiness of the deeper snare. At any rate, these are light, powerful, responsive, and fun to play. They...
  15. slinginit

    SOLD!!! Paiste Signature Dry Dark Ride 20"

    Unlathed Signature beast! It's a great cymbal but I'm thinning the herd and funding a new endeavor. Great ride for articulate patterns, huge bell, very cutting, a little on the heavy side for jazz but works for funk, rock, soul, country, etc. Not a "crashable" ride; rather a benchmark in...
  16. slinginit

    SOLD!!!! Paiste 2000 18" China

    Rare beast here! Big, full, Paiste sound with a darker character than the 2002 chinas. Very similar in hammering, profile, bell, etc. to 2002. Traditional finish instead of "sound reflector." Logos are good, no warps or cracks. Hole is very slightly oval-ish if you look really closely...
  17. slinginit

    Paiste for Sabian

    Have a like-new Paiste 2002 19" Crash (see FS link). Interested in Sabian HHX 18" China or Sabian AAX 19" Dark Crash (traditional finish). PM me!! :)
  18. slinginit

    Bosphorus Antique or Paiste Sig for Sabian AAX 19 dark crash

    Interested in swap for a Sabian traditional-finish AAX dark crash 19" The following cymbals are For Sale and Swapping: 20" Sig Dry Dark Ride 19" Bosphorus Antique thin ride Thanks for looking!
  19. slinginit

    Paiste Giant Beat 20" Multi (SOLD)

    Excellent all-around crash or ride. It's a paradox of bright, full, and dark. Velvety wash, great cymbal for "wash riding" with broad dynamic response. Logos are in good shape, no keyhole or cracks. No bends or warps which can happen to these thinner malleable Paistes. Non-smoking home. Will...