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    Refinished Joyful Noise Luminary (roadster green)

    Just arrived yesterday, 14x6.5 Joyful Noise Luminary in roadster green, from Mr. Curt Waltrip, who never lets me down. She was no slouch in silver, but a real beauty in dark green -- and with a movie-star voice to match. I always get excited about Joyful Noise drums -- and Curt is great to...
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    Craviotto Unlimited Maple 14x6.5

    Excellent condition -- $800 shipped
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    14x6.5 Joyful Noise Studio Bronze

    Excellent condition -- $1000 shipped
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    14x6 Guru Ovangkol snare

    Excellent condition -- $750 shipped
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    Ludwig 14x6.5 Hammered Black Beauty snare

    Excellent condition, P88AC strainer, Puresound wires. $600 shipped.
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    SOLD--Joyful Noise 14x5 TKO 10th Anniversary snare--SOLD

    Almost as good as new (stick marks on the batter head). $950 shipped.
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    22" K Constantinople Medium Thin Low

    2480 grams, almost as good as new. I'm sorry, I'm not able to consider trades this time. Please keep in mind, I'll be shipping from Canada. $380 to USA, $330 Canada
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    14x6.5 Hammered Black Beauty, tube lugs

    Here goes nothing...I call this one "the rent", because that's what she'll be paying (since I couldn't do it with my playing). I hate to see such a certified-fine snare go, and I've boasted that she's among the most versatile I've known, but I gotta do what I gotta do. I'm sorry, I'm not able...
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    SOLD!--14x6.5 Gretsch Broadkaster -- near-mint---SOLD!

    This one's as good as new, except for the heads (which are original). Vintage buildout, antique pearl wrap. I once sold every snare I had except this one, because I felt it was even better than my Craviottos. I'm selling to make up for a drop in work in December, and because I've grown fonder of...
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    20" Zildjian K Constantinople Medium Thin Low ride---SOLD

    Surprising wash for its weight and sound. Really great, but doesn't blend exactly the way I want it to with the rest of the cymbals on my kit. I don't remember the weight but can weigh it again for anyone interested. Thanks.
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    Yamaha Steve Jordan snare 13x6.5-----SOLD!

    This one I'm not sure about, but the truth is I haven't been playing it. Maybe I'm waiting to form a funk band, or maybe I'm just not as attached to it as I thought I would be. I'm posting it to see what offers it gets -- to see if I'd rather have the money or it. Thanks.
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    Yamaha MCA (silver sparkle) snare 14x5.5---SOLD!!!

    A great snare, especially for jazz, no known issues. As far as I can tell, it's a 9/10 and has a new-ish Ambassador batter head on it. There's nothing finicky or distracting about it: it's smooth, and the silver sparkle actually sparkles pretty rich but didn't photograph well -- that's my fault...
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    Are your best snare and your most versatile snare the same snare?

    In my case, I'm not sure they are. I have a 14x6.5 Copperphonic that is probably my most versatile, but not necessarily the best, though it may be. Do you know which snare is your best snare? Is it your most versatile snare?
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    WANTED--Joyful Noise snares

    Preferably copper--thanks!
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    Tom Wells snare drum--WANTED

    These are rare but, if you've got one, I'm probably buying. Thanks.
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    Carolina Drumworks Snare WANTED

    I'll consider buying any Carolina Drumworks snare that anyone might be selling or willing to sell. Thanks!
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    SOLD---George Way 14x6.5 Rosewood

    Mint condition. I'll (eventually) miss this one. $450 shipped
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    Ludwig 14x6.5 Copper Phonic

    Mint condition. One of the best snares in existence, in my experience, but I gotta do what I gotta do. $650 shipped.
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    SOLD -- Sonor Benny Greb snare

    Taking offers... As good as new (a bit of wear on drumhead).
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    Joyful Noise 14x6.5 Studio Bronze snare for sale

    Very well taken care of, almost like new. Considering offers. Thanks for looking.