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  1. troutstudio

    Eagle Don "No Contest" Henley Wants Copyright Law Changed

    Don Henley is one the finest singing/songwriting drummers ever. He's done more for drummers who create music than most, just being Don Henley. Maybe he's using his considerable standing to help others try to make a living out of writing and performing music. I welcome it and I hope that his...
  2. troutstudio

    Eric Valentine tuning drums for recording

    I once got a 6 1/2" steel shell Pearl Export snare with a kit I bought. It had a reverse dot Ambassador on it. I set it up and that drum recorded so well, I didn't touch anything. I was like a golfer who scores a good putter. I recorded with it and it sounded great. Even though it was a cheap...
  3. troutstudio

    Eric Valentine tuning drums for recording

    If you're interested in recording drums this channel is cool. Nothing is cast in stone for recording but he gets great rock drum sounds and this video and the mixing drums one are worth looking at IMHO.
  4. troutstudio

    The Kites + The Clevelands

    A video for our FB page. I miss these troublemakers. Stay safe.
  5. troutstudio

    Jimmy Cobb 5 note phrase

    That’s really cool. I was looking for a memento of Jimmy Cobb to incorporate into my playing and you found it for me. Thanks very much.
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    The Buddy We Never Knew!

    Lol - from that thread topic I immediately thought "Empathetic, gentle, caring, soft, transformative" - oh wait a minute - it's Buddy!
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    I finally understand Ringo!

    I only need to hear the first fill. It's in the pocket; a trace of ghost notes; the groove is there. I could barely hear the piano it sounded pretty straight 8 and not too inviting. He opens up with the perfect fill to set the tempo and the swing value. I don't need to hear him play the tune...
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    What drums are you not fond of? A silly thread!!!

    BTW You guys crack me up with the “I don’t like old Ludwigs” shtick. Give me a break. Sure they dropped the QC ball thanks to Ringo, but seriously, you have a mountain of those drums to choose from over there. You cannot beat those kicks! That’s the sound of our brothers - making hit records...
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    What drums are you not fond of? A silly thread!!!

    +1 on the Sonors. Your eyes go wow twice. Once for the finish (amazing) and once more for the price! You want cheaper buy Shitno.
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    What drums are you not fond of? A silly thread!!!

    I am absolutely doing the same. Got a search going on eBay as we speak. Quite an endorsement actually. My brother had a amp from a budget company here called "Ashton" It was a 20 watt valve job made in Jyna and by design or accident, it shredded. The badge fell off in his car. After many...
  11. troutstudio

    "All woods sound the same" - is this a new song?

    Didn’t Pearl and Yamaha confirm the principle you are discussing years ago? Ie drums made from different woods have different fundamentals primarily due to the density and resonant signature of the wood? IMO no drum produces a note of any purity, except perhaps a Rototom. I thought this...
  12. troutstudio

    "All woods sound the same" - is this a new song?

    That's a great summary for me. To my ears, birch and maple sound very different. I'm the one playing the drums, so it matters. I choose live kits based on the venue and the genre - not uncommon, I'm sure. I choose studio kits based on what I think will suit the track - or conversely, what might...
  13. troutstudio

    Recording setups for drums while stuck at home

    It helps to have a room with a slanted roof or uneven dimensions. If your room sounds bad, you can eliminate it, to a certain extent, by close miking and making a room emulation in the DAW. Slight OT - I have spent the past few weeks putting new heads, top and bottom, on all my kits. I’m...
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    SOLD: Audio Technica drum mic pack (3 mics)

    I recorded an album with those microphones. They sold for what sorry?
  15. troutstudio

    So what is so special about Rogers drums?

    Thanks mate. It’s a tribute to one of the greatest.
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    DRUM Magazine Reveals Acoustic-Only Drummers are Piloting a Horse-and-Buggy in the Jet Age

    I started a studio in the 80's and played just about every type of electronic drum made. I took three small pieces of ply with pickups and a sampler to jingle sessions. All this so the sequence could run later without me and sounds be subbed out, tempos and arrangements changed etc. I carried...
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    Home recording novice (me) asked to record home drum tracks on audacity. Help.

    Presonus sent me one of these as a replacement for my RM16AI. For various reasons it's still sitting in the box. I did think the sound through the headphones was really nice. Less FX than the RM16 which I need for my studio, but fine for drums. The issue with the Presonus stuff is the Universal...
  18. troutstudio

    Sakae Closeouts - NOS

    Changing heads right now - seriously good workmanship on this Almighty birch tom.
  19. troutstudio

    Slingerland snare help

    OK quick search gives me a pretty good hit. The year is correct too. Thanks very much for the responses. Really appreciate the effort.