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  1. mwb5271

    Interview with Dave Clark of the Dave Clark 5

    Interesting interview, I learned some things! Thanks for sharing.
  2. mwb5271

    Looking for Acrolite Parts

    I am liking to a batter hoop and one lug for a 1966 Acrolite snare. If anyone has these parts for sale I would appreciate a reply. Thanks Mike
  3. mwb5271

    Looking For Acrolite Parts

    I just noticed that I should not have posted this thread on this Forum. I apologize. I will repost properly. Mike
  4. mwb5271

    Looking For Acrolite Parts

    I recently picked up a 1966 Acrolite at a flea market and am rehabbing it. It is cleaning up pretty good however, it appears that someone spilled a coke or other liquid on the batter head and did not properly clean it up. Put in the case where it has been in storage for 30, 40, 50 years? As you...
  5. mwb5271

    Favorite Snare Drums You've Owned

    My 1965 Ludwig 14 x 5 Acrolite. Have others but always keep coming back to it. Bought it new as a student!
  6. mwb5271

    Stooges Drummer Dead

    Too bad indeeed, great drummer! I remember the first time I saw the Stooges. It was 1968 or 1969...hard to remember exactly as it wa a long time ago and lots of pot and other chemicals back then. It was an all day indoor concert at Delta College in Freeland MI (between Bay City & Saginaw, MI)...
  7. mwb5271

    The Beatles

    Great memories!!! I remember this night well. I was 11 years old and seeing the Beatles for the first time forever changed me. I became a drummer! Saved my paper route money and bought a blue sparkle set that I still have today. Happy Anniversary to all of us old Beatle fans out there!!! Mike
  8. mwb5271

    A Very Merry Christmas to ALL!!!

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!
  9. mwb5271

    Lightweight Hi Hat Stands - Who Likes Them ?

    I am having good luck with my DW 6000 series flat base HH stand. Built very well, nice looking and is very light weight. I would buy another one if I needed two HH stands.
  10. mwb5271

    Abbey Road virtual tour

    Very neat!!! Not how I had imagined the studo to look like at all. Larger taller, and more spartian.
  11. mwb5271

    Lefties who play right: Chime in here!

    I am a natural lefty and as lefty as it gets. I play a right handed setup open handed (left hand on the hats , right hand on the snare, but right foot on the kick), In 1965 when I was 15 I only knew one way to set up my kit which was how Ringo set up his. Tried to play right handed but it was...
  12. mwb5271

    I'm Glad That this Did Not Happen To Me

    That is a good come back!!!
  13. mwb5271

    I am in Memphis/Nashville for a few days.....where to go?

    In Nashville The Blue Bird Cafe is always a good place to check out new and up coming country talent. We have enjoyed this place every time we have visited. Nice quaint atmosphere. From my experience you usually have to book a reservation a week in advance but I have not been there is a few...
  14. mwb5271

    Tama HP900P Power glide Single Pedal

    I have a Tama HP900 Power glide pedal that I purchased new in 2008. I am very satisfied with the performance of this pedal or at least I thought I was? Reading through hefty's thread "Tama Speed Cobra vs Pear Demon Drive" got me looking closer at my 900P and I noticed that I do not have the...
  15. mwb5271

    DFO age range

    I turn 60 in June
  16. mwb5271

    SE Element Shells

    I think they sound great! I have the Mod Orange Downbeat configuration.
  17. mwb5271

    Mod Orange Out for a proper beat-down!

    Gret looking set. I love Mod Orange!!!
  18. mwb5271

    Mod orange mod

    I would be very tempted to pull the trigger on Element SE Downbeat kit in the Oyster Black.... Set them right next to my Mod Orange Element SE kit. Need more cymbals though!!!
  19. mwb5271

    Mod orange mod

    Kurt, I too have the same Mod Orange Downbeat kit and simply love everything about it. I get many compliments from others regardingng the looks and sound of these beauties. I too have often thought as I am looking down from my throne that it would be neat to have the L arm mount on the bass...
  20. mwb5271

    Religion and politics

    Merry Christmas Everyone!!!! :occasion5: