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    CRS cymbal isolation

    The closed cell, high density foam pads work fine for me... and they're lots cheaper.
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    Bass drum pillow

    I have a tube shaped one I bought on eBay some time ago that I like a lot. You can set it with as much or as little contact on the head as your prefer, is hold in place with thin "tails" slid under head and rim. Unfortunately, I've not seen these offered since. When I did use a regular...
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    Traps drums! What????

    Had one of these kits for awhile; looks like you found a good solution for the weakest part (bass). Toms were decent, snare was surprisingly nice. Only issue I had was, some of the tuning rod seats (lugs if you will) started to fail after a couple years.
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    Yamaha YESS mounts - should hex rod touch the shell?

    Personal preference and positioning. In general, the hex rod will contact the shell (that's why there is a small pad on the shell at the contact point) but it isn't necessary to seat it that far if you need to position the toms differently.
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    Opinions on Yamaha Oak Custom kits

    The Musashi is a stand-alone drum; it was in production before the Oak Custom line was introduced so not necessarily a complement for the kit. FYI, I have Live Customs and use them more than my other kits. Even have a couple of drummers that periodically ask to use them for their shows.
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    Yamaha EAD10

    So far, Iv'e heard no one talk about cymbal representation in mix. Couple questions but no replies; did I miss any?
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    OT: Analog 2" 32 Track Tape

    I doubt it will be that hard to find. There are a number of studios getting back into "vintage" gear. I would be willing to bet that before you've talked with three or four studios, one or more will know where that kind of equipment is in use.
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    Stave Walnut snare-how to finish?

    I used Teak oil on mine; two coats brought a nice sheen without being too shiny.
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    Official Yamaha Drums Thread

    Thanks! Most reactions make some reference to the Partridge family... :icon_e_wink:
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    Official Yamaha Drums Thread

    Flash-back; finally took a decent pic of my RTC's (and watchdog) ready for action...
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    Looking for some advice

    "less is more" is a fairly good philosophy. My group has ebbed & flowed with accomplished musicians - eight at one point; we sound best when we have fewer players who understand restraint. Even my own playing has become more spartan over time. Overall, with fewer instruments and players not...
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    White Rabbit

    Covered this in a performance with an ad hoc band a few years ago; lead guitar did an extended solo at the end that was killer!
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    Hi Hat Drop clutch!

    I use a Gibraltar mainly because it can be released with a down-stroke vs. a side stroke - ergonomically superior in my opinion.
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    Not sounding hokey in 3/4

    With slower meter, I stay with the basics; uptempo, I play bass on every beat, HH on 1, snare on "and 3" with some variations.
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    Anyone playing a 26?

    My guess is, you'll need a roadie - 26" is hard to carry; not many bags that size and takes two hands (no tucking it under your arm, unless you're 6'6" or taller). I have a Giant Beat that is fun to fly but has yet to be gigged...
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    Dream Vintage Bliss Hi-Hats?

    Contacts; I have 14" and 15". the 15" are a bit crisper than the 15" K's I trade off with.
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    Ok who still plays the song Wipe Out.

    How about "Money"... (Barrett Deems)
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    Cleaning up my new Rogers kit...Ugg - smoker

    Dan, might want to try spraying a vinegar & water mixture on those bags in and out. I removed tobacco odor successfully from some bags, though it took more than one application
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    Stupid question about stage monitors!

    An in-ear monitor would be best but they are expensive. Since sound quality is not a priority, your solution will probably work; it would be better if you can get a feed from the sound board.