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  1. SteveB

    Sitting too low

    I know my throne height also and its 21.5 inches. Maybe our legs are different. I like to come down on the kit or be within it so to speak, rather than above it. That said, I've lowered my whole kit over the years...especially the cymbals.
  2. SteveB

    Fast shuffle hand technique advice

    I just knock out the downbeat when it really gets up backing a bunch of strippers, it certainly isn't a Chicago or Texas shuffle at that point, I also tend to play quarter notes on the ride to hold it together, so there's the shuffle...alternating snare and ride.
  3. SteveB

    Artificial chompers

    When I went to my periodontist he said it would cost roughly 40K to totally replace my top teeth much as a car he put it. I live with a partial up top for now and it works pretty well. Too many Fireballs and Charleston Chews when I was a kid I guess.
  4. SteveB


    I really appreciate these. It took me a while to get through them all. Thank you!
  5. SteveB

    Eames Owners!!! Show Yer Stuff!

    This set goes back to 1982 roughly. Its been refinished a few times now. Blue'white pearl, then silver sparkle. All the drums have been cut down.
  6. SteveB

    What was the first song you learned to play on drums

    Probably Walk Don't Run or Pipeline.
  7. SteveB

    Whatever Happened to Louie Bellson's Drum Set?

    Louie always had one of the best sounding bass drums!
  8. SteveB

    Drums YOU can Identify purely by sound???

    I wouldn't make any store owner happy..that's for sure, as I believe a drum is a drum. Even when listening to an old Blakey side there was equipment involved to get it to our ears. One touch of anything mechanical and you probably changed that drum more then by switching it out for another. I...
  9. SteveB

    Trad grip and swagger?

    I was brought up traditional. When I went into my first lesso with fred buda he said to use whatever I wanted, and seeing how I would be playing mallets and tympani it made sense to both of us to switch. I'll admit that even today there is an approach with traditional that is quite different I...
  10. SteveB

    Drums YOU can Identify purely by sound???

    On a recording? Forget about it; there are just too many obstacles in the way. That great Gretsch sound could have been a Ludwig Jazzette that was sitting there...or 50 other combinations, especially today with all the different builders out there.
  11. SteveB

    Their Drumming always intrigued me... The Zombies.

    I love the original band and material, The problem here is that they are using vibrato to get the length of note they need (especially the keyboard player) and it might very well be the only way they can get through it now. It doesn't sound very good..I admit.
  12. SteveB

    Favorite way to muffle a snare

    I usually use a small pad of tissue paper held on with masking tape...or a tape roll of one shape or another, but I do have a few external mufflers that do a great job also. One is a very old Rogers clip on style. On the rare occasion I'll use a ring cut out from an old head and play the center...
  13. SteveB

    Iconic standard reference point for maple shell drums.

    When Ludwig came out with the heavy 6 ply shells in the very late 70's. I think those made people think of the wood type involved, then Recording Customs for birch after that. I used Rogers and Ludwig from about 1965 and through the 70's; I even had one drum I made from a shell I bought at...
  14. SteveB

    How do you recognize when your drums are really out of tune?

    I know instinctively when one of my drums is either out or not sitting well with the others. I also check them when I sit down at them. I rarely bump the drums around by much unless the spread is being changed slightly, so if that 14" floor isn't speaking right I may very well have to bump the...
  15. SteveB

    2019 Connecticut Drum Show

    I really wanted to go this year...its been a while but I managed to break my ankle in 3 places recently, so I'm not drumming with my left foot or going anywhere soon. Damn it!
  16. SteveB

    Elvin Jones, "The Moontrane"

    Whenever I saw him, which would have been around 1970 and a few times after that, he didn't change his style or level of intensity at all. The rooms i saw him him in were I 'd say average to small. Tony Williams was the same way.
  17. SteveB

    John Densmore of The Doors ... opinions ?

    Great single strokes and the whole mambo thing he added to it all.
  18. SteveB

    RIP Hal Blaine

    Hat's off to you Hal.
  19. SteveB

    How often should resonant heads be replaced

    If it sounds right it is right. I have resonant heads on drums that haven't been changed out in decades. They were brand new when I put them on though; I would never use a worn batter as the bottom, unless maybe it was pristine. Once you form that collar its all over usually,especially if you...
  20. SteveB

    Who's using e-drums live

    I used a smaller typical Kat and some Roland triangular pads for about 4 years with one group. Later on I mounted triggers to all the acoustic drums just so I could get those big 80's drum sounds. We were doing M. Jackson and Robert Palmer type of material at that time. By the time i was done...