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  1. green glass drum

    Photos of stripped Pearl Fiberglass?

    You can also stain them with auto paint. Sprayed on and wiped. Still translucent.
  2. green glass drum

    Anyone try 2.3mm COB hoops on a CM snare?

    Sounds like an “S” hoop.
  3. green glass drum

    Zildjian hi hat question

    I drilled 4 holes in mine a long time ago. I did not notice a difference. I also put a rivet in the bottom cymbal. Barely noticeable. Not as much sizzle as I had hoped fir.
  4. green glass drum

    I Bought a Set of Ludwig S/L Drums

    Guys, What does S/L stand for?
  5. green glass drum

    Pics posted with Duplicates

    Thank you Mr. Loss, It is fixed now. Thanks Mr. Xsaber, I am just getting used to the new format. Posting pics is a little different than before. I think this is good info. for anyone posting pics here. Thanks Again
  6. green glass drum

    Pics posted with Duplicates

    Hi Mods and Guys, I added some pics to a for sale post. Rogers Tom and Bass Drum lugs. The pics were duplicated and now there are twice as many as needed. How to fix? Is it possible that pressing the full image button too many times caused this? Thank You
  7. green glass drum

    For Sale Rogers Tom and Bass Drum Lugs

    I have updated original post. Please go to top. Thanks
  8. green glass drum

    For Sale Rogers Tom and Bass Drum Lugs

    Pics coming. RE: screws: Do you need the original Rogers hex screws? I may have some.
  9. green glass drum

    For Sale Rogers Tom and Bass Drum Lugs

    Hey guys. I have 19 Rogers Small Beavertail tom lugs for Sale. The 19 all have internal springs. The circlip lugs have sold. Some have a longer protruding insert nut. About 3/16" While a few others protrude only about 1/8". Not sure if Rogers changed their insert nuts at some point. If someone...
  10. green glass drum

    Blaemire drums

    Hello Chris, I have many Blaemire Toms. Concert Toms and Double-Headed. Others may inquire. Thanks Guys
  11. green glass drum

    WANTED: Muffler system for a Top Hat & Cane snare drum

    I have about 6 mufflers for 1940's Ludwig and Ludwig drums. Will sell all. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks Scott
  12. green glass drum

    TinkeyTone Orchestra - The Unfaithful Servant

    No sir, I have 2 smaller toms to finish. I got very busy with work and could not continue with restos. I would like to sell the Candy Stripe Kit Sir. We are eventually moving out of state. I have a lot of green Blaemires that I would like to sell also. I just need 1 small kit for myself. Thanks...
  13. green glass drum

    TinkeyTone Orchestra - The Unfaithful Servant

    I am moving soon. Looking for any Blaemires to add? I have a lot. Thanks and you sound great.
  14. green glass drum

    TinkeyTone Orchestra - The Unfaithful Servant

    Nice Mr. Floyd Did you play and sing everything?
  15. green glass drum

    Octaplus questions...

    Hey Mr. Floyd, Are all 6 of those CT's Blaemire. Some green? Some Pink? Nice Sir
  16. green glass drum

    REAL Honky Tonk Country Music (and vintage drums) at Cowboy Country in Long Beach CA this weekend 9/

    Was it called the "Silver Bullit Saloon" at one time?
  17. green glass drum

    Tom lug noise/vibration

    Plus 1 on cotton balls. Have filled all my lugs with cotton for a long time. Good Luck Sir
  18. green glass drum

    Vintage drum ? What is it

    CB-700 Wristwatch Lugs, MIJ.
  19. green glass drum

    Snare drum ideas <200 bucks

    Mr. "B". May I ask what snare you have now sir? Perhaps some pics. The guys are correct in one respect. It may just need a good tune up. But buying a new one can be fun. I get it.
  20. green glass drum

    Chester Thompson!

    Yes Chester is fantastic. I believe the audio for the "Inca Roads" video is from the "Roxy and Elsewhere" album. Which is a great album.