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  1. Johnny D

    For All You Charlie Watts, Steve Gadd, Nick Mason, Ginger Baker and Zak Starkey Fans...

    Tomorrow (Wednesday, May 27th) at 2pm ET, I'll be on Facebook Live with two old friends and two of the best drum techs in the business, Don McAulay (Charlie Watts' tech) and Yard Gavrilovic (has teched for Steve Gadd, Ginger Baker, Nick Mason, Zak Starkey and many more!) Lots of great...
  2. Johnny D

    Stan Lynch - Facebook Live Chat - Saturday, May 30th - 2pm ET

    Hi all, As some of you know, I've been doing Facebook Live chats to help break up the monotony and this Saturday, May 30th at 2pm ET I'll be joined by my old pal Stan Lynch, original drummer for Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. I recall there being a lot of Stan fans here, so hopefully you can...
  3. Johnny D

    Facebook Live From My Drum Room With Peter Erskine & Adam Nussbaum.

    If anyone is interested, here's a link to my Facebook Live chat today with Peter and Adam. We barely scraped the surface, so we'll do a part 2 down the road. Hope you enjoy it.
  4. Johnny D

    Steve Gadd on Facebook Live - Saturday, April 25th at 2pm ET

    Hi friends, I've been doing Facebook Live for the past couple of weeks and tomorrow, Saturday, April 25th at 2pm eastern time, I'll have a young up and comer named Steve Gadd joining me. It will be on my main Facebook Page I keep it loose and fun...
  5. Johnny D

    Vintage Gretsch Snare Drum Family Photo

    Hello DFO friends, I replaced the 20 strand snare wires on two of my vintage Gretsch snares with 42 strand wires, so now all my Gretsch snares have 42 snare wires. The Midnight Blue Pearl snare is not vintage (2009) but all the others are. So I thought I'd share my "Gretsch snare family photo."...
  6. Johnny D

    New Drums

    DFO friends, I just bought this 1962 Gretsch "Name Band" kit in Black Diamond Pearl from an old friend and I'm completely floored. It's in mint condition and also came with some early 60s Zildjians and the original hardware. 14x22, 16x16, 9x13 and matching 5 1/2x14 Name Band wood snare. I was...
  7. Johnny D

    Stanton Moore Playing Zildjian.

    Pretty big news. It was announced last week and I'm surprised no one is talking about it. Unless I missed the thread...
  8. Johnny D

    Great Rick Marotta Interview

    Hey guys, I thought you'd enjoy this interview with Rick Marotta. It's from two weeks ago, so very recent. It's only about 45 mins long... enjoy!
  9. Johnny D

    Charlie Watts Last Night At Gillette Stadium

    Some of you know I have a soft spot for Charlie Watts... ;) Actually, it's genuine affection, and I'm blessed to call him a dear friend. I saw him last night at Gillette Stadium in MA and was fortunate to spend an hour or so with him before the show. Even with all the drummers I know and have...
  10. Johnny D

    I received my dream snare drum yesterday... Just want to share it with you all...

    Here's the back story... In the summer of 1974 I was 13 years old and sent away to Gretsch for a catalog, and would pore over it and stare at the pictures for hours at a time. In particular, the Gretsch 4160 G 24-Karat Gold Plated Engraved Snare Drum. Later that summer my Dad bought me my first...
  11. Johnny D

    Do Remo Classic Fit Heads Fit Metric Size Drums?

    Hey folks, First, nice to meet a few of you at the Chicago Drum Show. Sorry I missed the group photo, but I was only there Saturday and my dance card was full. I recently acquired what I believe is a Dresden snare drum, I'm guessing made in the 1940s. While tensioning the bottom head, the...
  12. Johnny D

    Keep Getting a Message to Update Flash Player.

    Anyone else getting that message? And "Is it safe?"
  13. Johnny D

    Just Bought A 20" Super Zyn 1955 grams

    Hey guys and gals! I found a 20" Super Zyn on eBay yesterday and had to have it. The seller lives in Germany, so I wasn't thrilled about the shipping cost, but decided I couldn't pass it up. He was willing to work on the price, so I went for it and will receive it in the next week or so. It...
  14. Johnny D

    New Pies!

    Hey DFO'ers, I want to share a few pics of some new pies I received last week. My old pal and former partner in crime, Paul Francis, made some really beautiful cymbals. Paul had lathed my 2013 new-design 20" A. Medium Ride to about 2,100 grams a few weeks ago, but it still sounded and felt...
  15. Johnny D

    Paiste 15" Pre-Serial 602 Hi Hats 1069/1270 grams

    I'm selling a pair of Paiste 15" pre-serial 602 hats. I'm guessing these are from the 60s? Top = 1069 grams Bottom = 1270 grams I found a small crack at the edge of the top cymbal, but otherwise they're in great condition considering their age and sound great. I haven't used them in several...
  16. Johnny D

    Paiste 15" Pre-Serial 602 Hats Value

    Hi folks, I need some expert opinions please. I'm looking to sell my 15" Pre-Serial 602 hats and noticed a small (1/4") crack on the edge of the top cymbal. I haven't played these hats in months and found the crack yesterday when I was inspecting them for a fellow DFO'r what was interested in...
  17. Johnny D

    Best Headset Mic/Recommendations Please

    Hi guys and gals, I'm wondering if any fellow singing drummers use a headset mic, wireless or wired? If so, what do you recommend? And if you're using a wireless headset, any issues? I'm done fighting with my boom stand and am looking for a high quality headset mic that's the sonic...
  18. Johnny D

    "The Inside Track" Featuring Gregg Bissonette - Dec 6th 3pm ET

    Hi folks, I hope I'm not breaking any rules, but I wanted to tell you about a Live global webcast presented by DrumGuru, "The Inside Track" Featuring Gregg Bissonette, on Wednesday, Dec. 6th 3:00 pm Eastern Time. It's a new endeavor for some partners and myself, and the first of what we hope...
  19. Johnny D

    Happy 75th Birthday to Charlie Watts!

    May we all be grooving half as well as Charlie at 75! The man!
  20. Johnny D

    Premier Flat Base Cymbal Stand

    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy one of these Premier flat base cymbal stands, or just a base section. Thanks, John PS How do I get the photo to rotate 90 degrees? :)