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  1. mfryed2112

    Good deal on 6ply Luddies?

    Not bad, but you can do better on a good day. As long as it doesn’t have rivets in the finish get them if you like them
  2. mfryed2112

    The 25 Greatest Rock Bands of All Time!

    Did you post a list like this not to long ago? Yes, why yes you did
  3. mfryed2112

    OT-The Stock Market

    Me and a buddy we’re talking and he just mentioned marijuana stock and I said I’ll start looking into a few. organigram came up along with a few others and I started following them and I was watching this one the most. I bought in at 5:60 a share. Good speculation that it will get to 15 a...
  4. mfryed2112

    OT-The Stock Market

    I now own 3000 shares of a company called organigram, medical marijuana. There is another one I’ve been following that’s under a buck.50, supreme canines company.
  5. mfryed2112

    How can this Luddy have a classic throw and an olive badge

    My schools symphonic band had this in a 5x14, maybe 5 1/2
  6. mfryed2112

    OT: Your Favorite Live DVD?

    Symphonic yes live and snakes and arrows tour from rush
  7. mfryed2112

    OT: “Dark Side Of The Moon” and “The Wizard Of Oz”

    I watched it once, not impressed
  8. mfryed2112

    Rogers bop kit project from last year...

    Show us some pictures, bet they are awesome!
  9. mfryed2112


    Between here, Facebook and Craigslist I sell everything I list
  10. mfryed2112

    Neil Peart Drum Clinic 1992

    I actually saw this a few years ago, big Neil fan of course and bigger rush fan. Neil likes to talk
  11. mfryed2112

    Best worst excuses to buy gear?

    Even though it wasn’t
  12. mfryed2112

    Best worst excuses to buy gear?

    It was on sale
  13. mfryed2112

    OT: Tool!

    Tool rocks!
  14. mfryed2112

    24” bass drum

    I have a 10x14 mounted on a 24, no issues
  15. mfryed2112

    Just saw on Baltimore CL - large Tama cordia kit

    That kit deserves a set of octobans! Seller needs to drop the numbers a good bit
  16. mfryed2112

    Peavey radial pro

    I bought a kit to flip. Each drum had an amazing sounding tone. Ugly as sin! if we were all blind, these are the drums we would play.
  17. mfryed2112

    FS early 70s Ludwig clubdate set

    Probably the only one in existence
  18. mfryed2112

    Opinion needed on Keller Maple shells

    My custom kit had the same thing
  19. mfryed2112

    Cool looking Slingerland Magnum XM6 kit!

    Floor toms for mounted toms
  20. mfryed2112

    Input requested from the experts please

    Rail mount is a plus, buy it, restore it, play it!