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  1. Hop

    Hammered Snares

    Same process with Ludwig, they use a "good-to-go" formed shell, then apply the (machine) hammering.
  2. Hop

    OT - My last MD-88 Approach and Landing

    Fantastic! That's great news. I was a bit worried when I first started reading your post that it may turn out a different way, with the C-19/economic upheaval and whatnot. Best of luck to you in your next training milestone (sounds like you've had more than few!!!).
  3. Hop

    Pearl Music City Custom solid shell snares who makes the shells ?

    Interesting that Radio King has experienced this tuning issue with Tama, and cochlea hasn't with his Crav... I was ready to discount this tuning change on solid (single) ply snares as I haven't heard it being a an issue that got some traction in some of the forums. I really can't recall this...
  4. Hop

    OT - My last MD-88 Approach and Landing

    WOW! That's pretty epic... Are you going to pilot another aircraft?
  5. Hop

    choosing a pricey/custom snare

    Hard to narrow down that great list... I'd be looking at these three in that order: Keplinger black iron Oriollo Bellmaker Dunnett titanium
  6. Hop

    Bass Drum Head Design?

    Just remove the drumstick tips and make it a clean end to the line... problem solved!!!
  7. Hop

    What's The Story Behind The Profile Icon/Pic You Uploaded?

    My avatar is a pic of 100th Anniversary Black Beauty, and the story goes.... Back in the day I couldn't afford the extra bucks for an engraved BB when Ludwig re-introduced the BB in the late '70's, so I was quick to get one when about 40-years later when Ludwig decided to do it again for the...
  8. Hop

    What's The Story Behind The Profile Icon/Pic You Uploaded?

    Awww for F's sake Tommy D, I'd like to ask just exactly how are mere mortals (avatar) suppose to compete with the likes of a Neil Breen (avatar) ;-)
  9. Hop

    Ludwig Accent CS Combo Drum Kit (Value second hand)?

    I don't think it's completely unreasonable. It is an entry level kit, so you may have to expect some entry level budget bargaining when you do list it. If it sits for a while then you know that you'll need to adjust the price a bit. Patience may be a virtue as you may find a fair amount of gear...
  10. Hop

    Bass Drum Head Design?

    I voted #4. I like the symmetry of symbol better than the first and I like that it has less of the identical drum wrap in the head, making it more subtle rather than matchy-matchy and/or too repetitious.
  11. Hop

    Hammered Snares

    HA! That's a great observation... and all these years I was handling min with kid gloves for apparently no reason!
  12. Hop

    Ludwig kits with all wooden hoops?

    Do you have any other information or insight into Roger's kit(s) or playing that you'd like to share?
  13. Hop

    Cymbal Price Inflation

    Way back in November of '79 I bought 2 Paiste 2002 cymbals: 16" Medium for $80.00; 20" Crash for $109. In today's inflation adjusted dollars that amount is equal to $282.52 and $384.94. The MAP (Lone Star/Musicians Friend/Guitar Center/Sweetwater) on these cymbals today are $244 and $334. Way...
  14. Hop

    Trick Pro 1-V or DW Control beater?

    Good feedback/write-up on your experience with the product. So the "head" that holds the weights and that the wood/felt pads screw into is all plastic (not just the thread portion)? I wonder if they went all metal on that head what that might add to the part cost & performance??? Overall...
  15. Hop

    Great Snare with a Fatal Flaw

    HA! Great read "Curty Curt Curtis" I removed all mufflers from my snares except the one on my old L552KY, which I was playing not too long ago. While playing I decide to "modify" the sound and engage the muffler. The first thoughts I had were, "Oh, that's what that's for," and ""Mufflers...
  16. Hop

    metal shelled drum sets

    I was hoping someone was going to post-up one of these killa' kits... Thank you!!!!
  17. Hop

    Can wrap color tones be different on the same type of wrap?

    That finish will have greater variability versus say a glitter or cortex finish, or even a stain finish. Hard to precisely control every aspect in any manufacturing process (and the patterns are unique); and I'm sure they have a standard, with acceptable deviation, that they reference to...
  18. Hop

    Does Ludwig date their new snares?

    To me, that is probably the best possible date source, the final QC date, meaning: It aint a Ludwig drum until Ludwig QC 'sez it is. Other than that, how would one really date them? When the order comes in (whether standard retailer stock or custom order), or when they came out of the RF-molds...
  19. Hop

    Axis Longboards Slave Pedal Problem

    It's a bummer you've got to go through this hassle, but at least they pedal will be "fresh" after servicing them.
  20. Hop

    Does Ludwig date their new snares?

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