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  1. gbow

    The 25 Greatest Rock Bands of All Time!

    Yea, swap Aerosmith and The Who, that would put both of them in about the right spot. Lists... everybody's got one. Lots of things I would change, but then it would be MY list, which is worth just about as much as this one. gabo
  2. gbow

    Quantizing John Bonham

    While I agree with NOT quantizing great drummers... My opinion is that's not what killed rock music. Opinion - What killed rock music is record companies, promotion companies, radio stations, streaming playlists, music blogs and anyone else involved in the promotion and marketing of music. For...
  3. gbow

    What is the most Sensitive Snare Drum You have ever heard

    Hard to say. It has so much to do with the snare wires, wire tension, tuning, heads, and even the room you have it in that it's hard to say that the actual drum is what makes it sensitive or not. I like my Rogers Dyna and my Ludwig SS and my DW NOB, but they aren't as sensitive as my stave...
  4. gbow

    The Fab Four are they the Fab Fake ??

    All I can say is that I wish someone would analyze our videos this much :) As Kiss once said, "I don't care if you love us or hate us, as long as you know about us." gabo
  5. gbow

    OT: Your Favorite Live Album?

    Lots of old favorites, many listed above, but my new favorite is: Joe Bonamassa - Live at Carnegie Hall: An Acoustic Evening gabo
  6. gbow

    IEM personal amplifier?

    As many others have said, Rolls PM55P here too. For in ears, I've used the KZ's, the Shure SE215s, and a pair of klipsch headphones. They all work well as long as you put the comply tips on them. gabo
  7. gbow

    Favorite snare for rock

    stave snare, like this. gabo
  8. gbow

    Playing 6-10 Gigs a Month For 25+ Years To Zero

    I'm surprised with that much experience that you don't have some affiliations with a few local studios. I don't play as many gigs as I used to, but I do more studio work than ever. They can't tell I'm over 60 on the recordings :) so that never factors into whether you get work or not. Keep up...
  9. gbow

    Bass drum depth - 14 - 16

    Heads, head damping, pedal adjustment, beater choice, and what you put inside it will all make more difference in the sound and feel than the depth. I find that I can make any of the depths sound good and feel like I want them to feel. If it's a kit you want, I wouldn't let the depth of the BD...
  10. gbow

    Competition in Music ?

    What's great about music is you can treat it as a competition if you so choose. But you can also treat it other ways. I just play, enjoy playing, enjoy trying to get better and working on my craft. I enjoy other people's playing and watch and try to learn from them too. But for me it's just...
  11. gbow

    Can't (Hardly) Help Myself - White Marine Pearl Would Almost Make Me Buy On Color Alone

    Hurry before someone else hits it! gabo
  12. gbow

    Good Evening and WELCOME TO KANSAS!

    Phil Ehart = probably my biggest influence when learning drums. Kansas is a much underrated band in my opinion. gabo
  13. gbow

    Finally pulled the trigger.....INDe!

    Beautiful!! But... 30 seconds to play them, but you had time to come here and post pictures. I'm concerned that you have your priorities all wrong :) While we all love to see the pics and hear about the new kit, go play them until you have blisters, then come back here for pics! haha...
  14. gbow

    Drum sounds that you don't particularly like!

    Back in the early 80s, I was doing a session for a song. The studio producer wanted to use a Simmons for the snare. Thankfully I talked them out of it, or at least partially, but they still had me use it for an "effect snare" that was used on that song. Years later the band did an updated...
  15. gbow

    Drum sounds that you don't particularly like!

    Not only was Henley's sound terrible, but I think he taught Jackson Browne everything he knew about drum recording.. Most of Browne's songs had horrible drum sounds regardless of which "great" drummer he used. Since he and Don are good friends and go way back to the early days, I'm guessing he...
  16. gbow


    I hear you man, and totally agree. gabo
  17. gbow

    Tour Advice For Your Kid

    Maybe it's odd... But I like to play golf! Everywhere has a course or two, gets you outside, away from petty stuff, clears your head.. Most times here are promoters, agents, venue personnel, sound guys, etc. that also like to play. Builds a good report with those people in an easy relaxed...
  18. gbow

    Best band Name?

    Wow, I had to go back to the top to make sure it didn't say "worst band names!" :) But I'm old, so pay no attention to me. I guess most of those names DO convey what the sound/style of the band is, which is always a good thing. You wouldn't want a hard rock band to be named "soft pink" or or...
  19. gbow

    The Moderns - Denial