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  1. Tuckerboy

    Yamaha Mixer MG10XU

    Like new Yamaha MG10XU. $150 shipped in original box. US 48
  2. Tuckerboy

    SOLD - Sennheiser e604 3 Pack Microphones

    SOLD - Sennheiser e604 3 pack. Very minimal use on a home practice kit with original packaging. $255 shipped US 48
  3. Tuckerboy

    SOLD - Pearl H-2000 Eliminator Hi Hat Stand

    SOLD - Older Pearl H-2000 two legged hi hat stand but still in excellent shape. The stand is very stable when using the retractable spikes. There’s two or three cams and a generic DW clutch. The pull rod that is currently on there has been cut quite short but it also comes with another new...
  4. Tuckerboy

    Tama HS80LOW Roadpro Low Profile Snare Stand-$50 shipped

    Tama HS80LOW Roadpro Low Profile Snare Stand in excellent condition. $50 shipped US 48.
  5. Tuckerboy

    DW 9550 Remote Hi Hat Stand

    DW 9550 Remote Hi Hat Stand in excellent condition. Caveat, I have cut the diveshaft linkage assembly and the additional small middle extrusion to accommodate a shorter pedal distance. The 4" piece has been cut but the 9" has not. $225 shipped as is, maybe you want to invest and install the...
  6. Tuckerboy

    SOLD - Tama Ergo Rider Trio Throne HT730B-$120/75 shipped

    SOLD Tama Ergo Rider throne in excellent condition.. $120 shipped/$75 for the throne top. US 48.
  7. Tuckerboy

    he he posts to every drummer he knows....

    So you’re saying the hours I spend posting and editing my tasty “bacon” memes are just wasted time. Come on guys, give me a break here, I’m functioning on only one lunch today although the day is still young.
  8. Tuckerboy

    This is getting downright silly....

    Kenny is currently playing with the Experience Hendrix tour, he’s definitely still playing at an intense level. Chris Layton played the majority of the show but Kenny nailed his way alongside Joe Satriani, and Doug Pinnick. A collaboration of such great musicians, a must see show for Hendrix fans.
  9. Tuckerboy

    20" shell cut-offs

    Precision Drum Company has a 20X8 Keller maple shell though it’s undrilled and with no bearing edges. It’s listed under the products and specials headings. $40
  10. Tuckerboy

    2Box / NewGen Simmons-ish Unicorns found...then disappear... < Sad Panda >

    Electronic Drum Center carries some of the discontinued 2Box pads, cymbals, and accessories.
  11. Tuckerboy

    Drum Shops in Knoxville, TN

    Unfortunately, the only drum oriented shop in Knoxville is the local Guitar Center. There are a couple music stores but they are mainly dealing with school rentals or as you mentioned are geared toward guitar sales. Though neither are local, Forks or Memphis drum shop are the go to shops. There...
  12. Tuckerboy

    TRADED - Yamaha Hex Rack II 2 Leg Rack System

    TRADED - Yamaha Hex Rack II. This was purchased recently as a demo model though it looks new. (1) HXCP44 curved pipe (2) HXTL30 T legs (2) HXCCLL cross clamps (2) HXTC 7/8" tom/cymbal clamps (1) HXLC bull's eye level Traded- $210 shipped, $260 shipped with HXOC11 Open Clamp. US 48 PayPal
  13. Tuckerboy

    I ordered an Offset bass pedal! Update, Pedal review!

    Regarding the second photo attachment, if you’re playing a 2 up set up there can be issues with the Tom placement but this is a good start. The offset pedals really make sense and are a great idea without the hassle of rearranging your kit as long as the pedals perform well for your needs or...
  14. Tuckerboy

    Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbals 16”&18”

    Zildjian L80 16” and 18” cymbals. $125 shipped US48
  15. Tuckerboy

    WTT: Mapex Orion bass drum shells - Wine Burl Burst

    I had a 22x20 and was just too much to transport, it was really heavy and if you put it in a hard case you're taking up half the car/van load. I had it cut down to a 22x15 and loved it. With the extra shell material that was cut, I put the Inde mounts and spurs on it and I now use it as a...
  16. Tuckerboy

    Cheap Yamaha Hex Racks on Reverb!

    You may want to try it again, I’m finding it at $204 with free Fed Ex shipping.
  17. Tuckerboy

    Reversing toms?

    Cauldronics- I’ve only had the Trick legs on for a few days but they are plenty strong and they have the adjustable rubber cap or spike option on the bottom of the legs. I’m pretty hard on my pedals and I can’t see myself breaking those legs, they weigh a few pounds and they are solid. The stand...
  18. Tuckerboy

    Reversing toms?

    Cauldronics, I’m sure you have many times, but have you tried different positioning relationships between the throne and bass drum and the effect it has on the pedal positioning? Some drummers set up their bass drum centered and their torso is naturally angled slightly to the left or right...