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  1. sillypilot

    Ludwig Classic Maple Snare 6.5x14 Sky Blue Pearl (2019)!!

    Hi all - Selling a mint (except for the drum heads) Ludwig Classic Maple Sky Blue Pearl snare. Got it with the entire kit and don't need yet another snare. Selling for $375 plus actual shipping wherever you live in the continental US.
  2. sillypilot

    24” bass drum

    I have a 14x11 and 13x10 on a 24x14 and no issues at all. And mine are not angled much either...go for it!
  3. sillypilot

    Experience with Tama Starclassics (new models)

    Hi all - Anyone have any experience with recent years (2018-2019) Tama Starclassic drum kits? Interested in the quality of hardware, construction, tuning stability, issues? Thanks so much!! Jorge
  4. sillypilot

    Any experience with Paragon Diamondback or Byzance Jazz China cymbals?

    Hi all - looking to make a ride as well as a China effect of either one of these cymbals. They don’t need to be perfect. Anyone have any experience that you wouldn’t mind sharing with either cymbal?
  5. sillypilot

    Favorite snare for rock

    Hi all - just curious with all the new offerings in the past couple of years would like to hear what your favorite snares for rock are. This isn’t a “best” question, just what you currently like. Cheers!
  6. sillypilot

    Complete my Paiste setup with a Ride

    Actually it only comes in a 22” model. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the 602.. keep drumming
  7. sillypilot

    Complete my Paiste setup with a Ride

    Did you look at the Blue Bell Ride?
  8. sillypilot

    Help me choose a trash crash or China

    I heard the same, not sure if it is true or not...but thanks to him I have a great sounding china
  9. sillypilot

    Two toms up or two down?

    Whatever you are the most comfortable with. I play with 7 up and 1 down similar to Simon Phillips’s setup or Nick McBrain. I like a lot of toms. Pick you look and sound.
  10. sillypilot

    Help me choose a trash crash or China

    The Sabian Paragon 19” China was great for me. I was looking for the sound you hear on The Cure’s Just Like Heaven and the Paragon just nails it. The record was recorded with a Zildjian China Boy High, but all the China Boys I tried sounded terrible to my ears (all subjective). The are two...
  11. sillypilot

    New Beats vs A Customs

    I prefer New Beats as they sound to my ears more of what I hear on a record vs A Customs. I actually like New Beats so much I have 3 pairs of them...granted one came with a set. Anyway selling a like new pair of 14” if you’re interested!
  12. sillypilot

    Any experience with Atlas mount of large toms?

    I'm more concerned about the weight of the entire drum on two holes in the maple. The screws and the mount will hold just fine, it is the wood fibers that I have concerns with. I would hate for the holes to start deforming and getting bigger than they should be. Anyone seen or experienced this...
  13. sillypilot

    Any experience with Atlas mount of large toms?

    Hi all - Anyone experience using the Atlas mounts on large tom toms (15” or 16” )? Wonder if the shells would be to heavy for the mount area and get damaged or deformed.