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  1. Murat

    British Drum Company Marches On...

    Just got another Legend series at the shop, this time in White Chapel finish. I should not be surprised since I had these sets before but man, the craftsmanship, sound, everything is so good with these sets.
  2. Murat

    Slingerland 1977 80N 5 Pce. set !

    Guys, the "R" is probably my mistake. I honestly do not know where it came from. I think while taking notes about this set from the owner, it just sneaked in there. I will change the model name.
  3. Murat

    OT: Animals As Leaders

    I had Garstka at the shop for a clinic. I wanted to cry afterwards :)
  4. Murat

    Do PS Blaster Wires really make that much of a difference

    I have heard Canopus Vintage wires on Supras and the result to my ears was spectacular. May be worth a try?
  5. Murat

    Best worst excuses to buy gear?

    It's Tuesday so....
  6. Murat

    OT: Tool!

    Yeah, and Anna Nicole married for love... No, it's just that I have been waiting for so long it is hard to believe :)
  7. Murat

    DCP Posts Best of Birch

    Love the BDC Legend sets. All BDC sets are great in fact. The surprising set is the Yaiba II though. I had a guy come to the shop and we set him up with the Yamaha RC and the Yaiba side by side. After 5 minutes of playing each , he walked out with the Yaiba. Half the price of RC has something to...
  8. Murat

    Slingerland 1977 80N 5 Pce. set !

    I ship all the time Sir ! ;-)
  9. Murat

    Rick Allen

    I remember crying like a baby when I heard the news of his accident and the time between Pyromania and Hysteria was the longest wait ever...
  10. Murat

    It sure is the same one Doug. I will tell him you said hi !

    It sure is the same one Doug. I will tell him you said hi !
  11. Murat

    Slingerland 1977 80N 5 Pce. set !

    Thank you Forum Brother :) . It is true though...amazing set !
  12. Murat

    New SONOR SQ2 African Marble - Vintage Maple set

    Stunning !
  13. Murat

    Slingerland 1977 80N 5 Pce. set !

    Every now and then I get a really rare gem in this shop that takes my breath away ! Here is a collectors item for the right person: A 1977 Slingerland Buddy Rich 80N 5 pce set ! In a super rare Mahogany finish that was only made for 2 years ! Most of these models were the standard White Marine...
  14. Murat

    Larnell Lewis at Drummer's Hangout

    Hi Guys, If you are in the neighborhood, do not miss this ! Give me a shout and I can put tickets aside for you. Mr. Lewis is a monster drummer and if you are familiar with Snarky Puppy, you will know what I am talking about :-)
  15. Murat

    Can you identify the make of these drums?

    That red snare is a Sonor. The rubber feet on the bass drum spur and the wingnut on the spur looks like a Sonor as well.
  16. Murat

    Anyone play a Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple drum set?

    Meet the new Oak :-)
  17. Murat

    Which Yamaha Absolute color?

    Recently sold both colors but this green one surprised me. I am not a green guy and I am not a sparkle guy and I STILL fell in love with it !
  18. Murat

    British Drum Co. tom spring

    I think most snare stands have arms that are similarly spaced. There may definitely be exceptions. I tried these springs on a 10 inch drum with 6 lugs, they do not line up. I tried a 14 rack tom that had 8 lugs, again, no luck. I have a feeling though a snare with 6 lugs, like some old CBs, it...
  19. Murat

    British Drum Co. tom spring

    Xsabers, the answer is, they won't. On the box it says these will work with "All 12 and 13 inch toms with 6 lugs".
  20. Murat

    NAMM 2019 YAMAHA Live Custom Hybrid Oak

    Just got my first one in the shop. This is the Uzukuri Ice Sunburst finish. It was great to finally test the thing without videos, mikes, etc... The weights in the bass drum? They do work as advertised in that this version has way more bottom then the previous two versions but how would THIS...