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  1. J

    Advice on a CYMBAL purchase

    Amazon and WalMart will likely have the best price.
  2. J

    Channeling Max Weinberg

    The studying is one thing, but didn’t he have to have a serious carpal tunnel surgery ? Correct me if I’m wrong
  3. J

    Channeling Max Weinberg

    Max knows how to keep a gig. I’ll give him that.
  4. J

    New Rogers drum shells

    worked for C&C
  5. J

    fill-in gig questions...would you??

    Everyone is saying either no, or do the gig with charts and one rehearsal Are you confident you can pull that off ? Just asking really, no biggie.
  6. J

    Paiste Dark Energy

    I’m getting ready to list a 17 Dark Energy crash. Great shape. $225 shipped.
  7. J

    Fresh cut 45 degree bearing edges — Precision Drum Co.

    here's a shocker. Precision was always kinda pricey. Good work, but the same price as a good pro shop. sheeet, wrapping a kit is pricey. Glass glitter is how much ? There's always your guy down the street and satin oil :)
  8. J

    16 Gretsch T Rods w/washers - SOLD !!

    Hi everyone. Hopefully someone can use these. I'd like to avoid ebay. The price is around half off of new. They came with a Broadcaster kit but I use key rods. Which is a drag cause these look super cool. Again, 55 shipped just to get them out of here :-) Thanks.
  9. J

    Opinions on Zildjian A 20 crash/ride (current model)

    I've moved from the re-issue crashes to 602 thins. They're a little smoother to my ears. I really wish the edges were thinner on both, more so the Zildjians. The sound great with a firm wallop but take that kind of strike to really open up....
  10. J

    Quantizing John Bonham

    yep.. that 8th note mapping made the whole thing questionable to me. As if the original premise wasn't ridiculous enough
  11. J

    Road trip to pick up...why drums! Imagine that.

    I could collect drums in certain colors. I could but I don't. Even more than sound. Ludwig's old White Marine and Oyster Black. Slingerland Tigers. Rogers Pink Strata and Gretsch Rosewood and Burnt Orange And this... Love, love LOVE me some Orange Creamsicle..
  12. J

    Yamaha Club Custom Blue Swirl - 22/10/12/14/16 SOLD

    damn.. that was fast. congrats to you and enjoy to the buyer
  13. J

    Complete my Paiste setup with a Ride

    I suppose you’re right in a way, an A Custom with an older Sound Creation. That’s ok, he just peed everywhere :-)
  14. J

    Complete my Paiste setup with a Ride

    Wow. Modern Essentials sound like an A Custom. Ok.
  15. J

    Rogers xp8 question

    Damn... that's bad ass
  16. J

    Sending another out to Heather in Simi Valley....

    Do you know when she'll be back up to speed ? Get well soon of course.
  17. J

    Zildjian K Con Rides as crashes

    My experience as well with both the Keropes and now the Avedis. The K Cons don't work for me either. I'd like the edges to be thinner. I'm using some big thin Paiste 602's now which are heavier than I like but smoother. Anyway...
  18. J

    Road trip to pick up...why drums! Imagine that.

    That's GREAT, congrats. now you have 2 orange swirl snares :) Hint hint.
  19. J

    Have we reached peak matte?

    There's a dw perforance series I see in my GC in a matte black. I think it looks rather nice..
  20. J

    Have we reached peak matte?

    Are you talking about “satin oil “ ?