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    NickyMoon Custom Cymbals - thoughts on a new cymbalsmith based in NJ

    Always nice to see new artisans out there. He has some really nice looking instruments.
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    Legend Reissue

    Okay, let's try this: ah, success.
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    Legend Reissue

    Hm. Not sure why the playback has been disabled for other sites. I need to ask them why. Sorry about that. It takes you to youtube, though.
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    Legend Reissue

    I guess this is more about an audio file but, video promo. Been 40 years. The time just seemed right to go ahead and do it. The guys from Sonic Age are really nice people. It's been a great experience so far. I have no idea how this will do against all the bootlegs out there but, they are...
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    Mediocre Drummer Magazine

    I had a laugh the first time I saw Duck tape at Lowes.
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    Anyone else using two rides on live gigs?

    I guess I was influenced by Ginger Baker since I was a kid. I've always had some kind of combo of rides in my set-up. Two, three, even four, like today. Pings, crash rides, sizzles, light rides. Whatever sounded good with the music.
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    Contemporary drum solos have changed... but I can't put my thumb on it

    Not my taste in music but, I agree with the 'Gospel Chops' observation. Lots of linear double strokes between hands and feet. That's twenty plus years of that style now. I have read that many GC stylists credit Vinnie for that influence. When I was young solos were more about flow and a...
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    A bad experience

    Man. Life is too short to have to involve music with stress like that. I'd be thinking if that is her character, she can keep it, and I'd find another band to work with. Being that way towards you, brand new, because of a small glitch that didn't really effect the outcome, is pretty harsh. Maybe...
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    Route 66 Carnival in West Tulsa

    So, how did the gig go? With all the rain we've been having out this way I hope you didn't get rained out, or worse, rained on.
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    Shaw custom drums

    Some of the most beautiful drums I've seen are made by European builders. I was not familiar with this one.
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    Another horribly engraved drum!

    I've not seen your work before. At first I thought it was computerized but, I wondered how a process could work on the curve of the shell. Then I looked closer and began to see the tiny variations. Done by hand! That's pretty amazing. I don't know what kind of stencil or whatever you follow but...
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    Tung Oil questions

    I love Tung oil. Easy to apply with a sponge brush but, yeah, I have always gone 8-12 coats to get a nice reflection of my face when looking at the drum. I always use Formby's because it's easy to get. Not pure tung oil but, does the job for me in the gloss finish.
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    A few recent videos of one of my groups

    No full drum kits at the venue? Seriously. Well, another easy set-up for a gig, anyway. Man, that first song. Like walking into a 19th century saloon. :cool:
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    Khalid - Better (Drum Cover)

    Nice groove. From the viewing, that is the tightest set-up I have ever seen. You have to have some pretty good control to go from snare to toms, to fl tom like that. I'd be clipping and dropping sticks all over the place.
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    Funky blues trio

    People are moving, people are "whooping," the band is tight, life is good.
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    A few clips from Thursday May 9, 2019

    Cool gig. People sitting right there. The 3pc, nice flat ride, wool beater, pull up a chair and good to go. I love the wrap on the kit. I've not seen that color pearl before.
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    Solos. Rhythmic, percussive, melodic?

    The question was asked about melodic solos. How do we define a melodic drum solo? Drums occupy rhythm, they occupy tonal percussion, but, generally, not melody. I have heard drummers play melodies on the drums, like Jeff Hamilton playing "A Night in Tunisia." I see/hear solos that are called...
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    Is There a Drum Solo You Truly Like Musically? If So, Please Post It and Tell Why

    Toad, for sure. Still holds up well today in this age of chopsmeisters. You can hum that solo. Same for Ron Bushy's original recording of In-a-Gada-da-Vida. Very hummable. Yeah, almost anything by Max. Incredibly musical solos. I'll add Tony Williams. He could just about hypnotize you with...
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    Another serious amount of practice on display. These kids are incredible. A whole line of Donati's, Lang's and Minnemann's.
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    Have any of you seen this? This is really cool. I loved it. You go girls.