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  1. wolfereeno

    Rare 1976 Ludwig 14" x 18" jazz bop bass drum in butcher block finish

    Wow! Rare drum. If the buyer wants to complete that with a 12,13, 16 and 22 BD kit, let me know ;-)
  2. wolfereeno

    Dual Zone Tom Pads - Worth the Extra Cost?

    what single zone pads do you use? You can upgrade an old PD100 pad to dual zone with a cheap kit. I did it to 3 pads and have been using them for years. The kits are usually on ebay or vdrums with a little searching. This video describes it.
  3. wolfereeno

    Quantizing John Bonham

    I have to agree. I didn't find it all that bad. And if I was engineering the song, I'd be happier if the drums lined up with the bass and guitars! That said, I'm not always happy with how engineers have beatmapped my own parts. But sometimes it's welcome and I even do it to myself...
  4. wolfereeno

    Seeking Paiste Signature Crashes ... I Have Four Zildjian K crashes ... K Custom and Sweet ...

    Those great crashes - I'd say the k darks were warm and sustainy. I don't know about the sweets but I love my Armand 18 crash, which I think is similar. A crash/ride like a Kerope 19, a 20 crash of doom, a hand hammered agop - those would be warmer and washier IMO compared to the ones you list.
  5. wolfereeno

    Earthworks DK25/R Drum Kit Microphone System

    WOW! Very interesting. I've read a lot about them. Have you had any experience with the Cardiod version DK25/L?
  6. wolfereeno

    DW Sidekick BD pedal?

    So I picked up one of these used. It came with all the parts. They give you two FT legs that are supposed to fit popular FT leg mounts (1/2" and 10.5mm). Unfortunately both my FT's use the slightly smaller 9.5mm legs. Any ideas how I could jerry rig a connection?
  7. wolfereeno

    Bosphorus Oracle 20" Ride Cymbal

    I have an 18 crash if you're collecting Oracles.
  8. wolfereeno

    On the look out for a Fibes Fivel or Frost loosies

    Interested in a Fibes Fivel (fuzzy) kit with a 20 bd. Or a Frost (shower door) FT or BD. :cool:
  9. wolfereeno

    RESoArmor Kits

    wow! Custom made? So these are diff than their regular New Orleans model? What was the design goal? I take it that's a coated surface and not just a sound dot?
  10. wolfereeno

    RESoArmor Kits

    What model heads are those? Are the coated but only on the center part? How do you tune and use that small drum? (nice kit!!)
  11. wolfereeno

    What Kit Is This?

    with an extra floor tom added on.
  12. wolfereeno

    Favorite way to muffle a snare

    Doesn't anyone just take an old drum head and cut themselves an O-Ring? Honest to Gawd I can't understand why anyone would spend $21 on a Big Fat Snare ring.
  13. wolfereeno

    Bernard Purdie our Punchline But Not Now

    Love that man. He was my nextdoor neighbor ~1970.
  14. wolfereeno

    14 VS 13 Inch Snare Comparison

    I have 4 13's now. Two Tempus, a Yami Mushai, and a custom keller drum. I once also owned a 13 craviotto. I don't know about all those traits listed above. I simply like that it's a little smaller and I feel comfortable with that size. Soundwise I can get it close enough to 14's unless I...
  15. wolfereeno

    soundwise what's the diff btwn a 8x12 and 9x12 tom?

    Rototoms definitely don't have a lot of sustain. But anyway, I guess what I'm seeing is that there is no science, lore or recent enlightenment showing an 8x12 is an odd sounding size :-) It is strange though how much time (and money) I've spent wrestling getting my 12's to sound good, where...
  16. wolfereeno

    Electronic drum set for quiet practice?

    Not sure I agree. Maybe you tune yours too tight. Mine are quiet enough. The bulk of the noise comes from the stands and foot pedals. So I created a platform like this: Anyway to the OP, if you have drums in the basement, why mot just get a good practice pad for the room upstairs...
  17. wolfereeno

    DW Jazz Series Bop Kit

    that last bunch of pictures did it! LOL
  18. wolfereeno

    soundwise what's the diff btwn a 8x12 and 9x12 tom?

    Thx all. I've owned 6 sets in my lifetime with an 8x12, mostly out of habit. But I've noticed, for the 4 kits I've owned that have alternate options of either a 9x13 or a 8x10, those drums have consistently been easier to tune and get a good ring (high or low) than the 8x12's. And the kits...
  19. wolfereeno

    DW Jazz Series Bop Kit

    Good lord. wow How do you like that dw rail mount? Can you center the drum a bit more?
  20. wolfereeno

    DW Jazz Series Bop Kit

    wow. is that a yellow wrap or a stained wood veneer? incredible. Hmm, maybe I can sell my precision nesting kit to fund something new.