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  1. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    The 25 Greatest Rock Bands of All Time!

    Tame Impala is great as well! More funk rock though and I can't say he/they belong on this particular list. This year's coachella set was insane!
  2. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    I Got Yer Patina....

    Great job restoring them though. From the pictures, at least the little but of discoloration is on the underside of the cymbal so it's not as much of an eye sore.
  3. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    I Got Yer Patina....

    Yikes! Real Patina is cool though.
  4. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    2019 Chicago Drum Show Roll Call!

    Wow, have fun! Last year was a blast.
  5. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    Art by K.BRN (Drum/Percussion-Inspired)

    My new Metallic Kodak Art Prints are $50 w/ free shipping on all U.S orders. The dark colors are rich, while the white and lighter tones take on a silvery shine. My prints make great gifts for drummers and percussionists. Help me reach my goal of 100 orders and I will release 2 new paintings to...
  6. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    1964 rogers bop set

    Those sound amazing! Great character to them.
  7. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    New site:

    New site:
  8. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    Opening for Chris Tomlin!

    Wow, congrats! He's like CCM royalty.
  9. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    Art by K.BRN (Drum/Percussion-Inspired)

    Free Shipping on All U.S. Orders.
  10. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    RESoArmor Kits

    Yes, Josh's work is unique and fun! It's always clean, clear-cut and classy.
  11. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    Is There a Drum Solo You Truly Like Musically? If So, Please Post It and Tell Why

    Steve Gadd's solo at the beginning of the video before they go into the trade offs. To me it's a beautiful fusion of his drum corps experience and his grooviness that he's known for.
  12. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    Art by K.BRN (Drum/Percussion-Inspired)

    New site is up now.
  13. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    Art by K.BRN (Drum/Percussion-Inspired)

    Hey, what's up? My name is Kiana, I'm a visual artist and this is my official thread for my Drum and Percussion-Inspired Art. You can check out my catalogs of artwork here: I also take commissions generally year-round depending on availability, so I'm open to...
  14. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    $150 or Make an Offer

    Thank you so much! And yes, I'm going to do that very soon. I definitely see where everyone is coming from.
  15. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    Painters need gigs too!

    Funny, I actually saw the Queen haha
  16. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    Painters need gigs too!

    Lol, I'm afraid so. I don't do portraits as of yet actually.
  17. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    Painted drum heads

    Lol, alright I feel you.
  18. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    $150 or Make an Offer

    And thank you! I'm glad you like it.
  19. K.BRN_Percussion_Series

    $150 or Make an Offer

    Okay, will do! Thanks for letting me know.