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  1. tdcrjeff

    At my wit's end with Guitar Center

    Likely he didn't. Matter of "yeah, yeah, they're here and they are in good shape" without bothering to go look at them.
  2. tdcrjeff

    Alto speakers

    The Alto company was founded in Italy in 2000. They became part of the inMusic family in 2010, so launched in the USA shortly thereafter (2011 I think). inMusic was started/owned by Jack O'Donnell when he purchased Numark. Other products in the inMusic family include Alesis, M-Audio, Akai...
  3. tdcrjeff

    The Who. Current tour.

    According to Wikipedia:!_Tour The Who Roger Daltrey – lead vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar, tambourine Pete Townshend – lead guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals Backing musicians Simon Townshend – rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals...
  4. tdcrjeff

    Alto speakers

    I have some older powered models 2xTS112A for small mains/monitors and 4xTX10 ($100 at Amazon last year when they were closing them out) and I've been very happy with them. Yes, great bang for the buck.
  5. tdcrjeff

    Traps drums! What????

    Doesn't it happen everywhere? You can't but used items from GC for 30 days after they get them in case they are stolen. I mean you can buy them, you just can't take them home.
  6. tdcrjeff

    What's the Most Underrated 70s Rock Band -- American

    IIRC, I saw Shooting Star in Portland OR at the Paramount Theater in 1979 or 1980 as part of KGON radio's appropriately titled "Catch a Shooting Star" (or was it "Rising Star"?) series for 92 cents. KGON's frequency was 92.3 so tickets were 92.3 cents, rounded to the nearest cent. Or maybe it...
  7. tdcrjeff

    "A Star Is Born" (1976)

    Sammy Creason was a drummer, so I'm guessing him. (just based on some Google searches, not comparing photos, clips or anything)
  8. tdcrjeff

    The Fab Four are they the Fab Fake ??

    Not seeing it.
  9. tdcrjeff

    Which band replace their drummer for a better technical drummer that ended up not working as well for their songs?

    I preferred original Concrete Blonde drummer Harry Rushakoff over replacement Paul Thompson from Roxy Music.
  10. tdcrjeff

    A bit of a Poll: If you have a snare drum and at least one floor tom...

    Snare is an inch or two higher. I would probably have the floor tom a little higher, but it is at the limit of it's legs.
  11. tdcrjeff

    PAT BENATAR Friday Five Fer

    Promises in the Dark by far my favorite Pat Benatar tune. Myron managed to inflict some pretty good dents in those tom heads. :) Cool that Pat and Neil are still together after all these years, AFAIK.
  12. tdcrjeff

    Mike Mangini Play Rubbish Bin And Buckets, But Not Sound OK
  13. tdcrjeff

    Mike Mangini's new kit

  14. tdcrjeff

    How do I cut inlays into a bass drum hoop???

    And he was last here Mar 19, 2015.
  15. tdcrjeff

    OT: March Madness

    The top 3 Big Ten teams - Purdue, Michigan St, and Michigan are still in it. As are the the top 5 ACC teams - Virginia, UNC, Duke, Florida St, and Va Tech. Then throw in the top 4 SEC teams - LSU, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Auburn and you have a tourney that is very top heavy and being dominated...
  16. tdcrjeff

    OT: March Madness

    This is last year's thread, but I don't see a new one for this year. Watching Duke vs North Dakota State last night saw that the NDSU drummer was playing vintage yellow Vistalites. B&O badge and 70s tom post. Found this (not from same game) from a Google search:
  17. tdcrjeff

    Solid color vistalites?

    In the first generation the orange and yellow ones sounded the best and the clear and blue ones the worst. That's why you see so many of the clear and blue for sale. When they added the solid color white and black, they sounded better than clear and blue but still not as good as the orange...
  18. tdcrjeff

    Our band is changing our name

    DanRH = pronounced Dan-arrrrr-H And you can wear pirate outfits and loop rope around your lugs. Unless you're a loser. :icon_e_wink: (for reference)
  19. tdcrjeff

    Murdered USC Drummer Victor McElhaney

    USC Thornton School of Music student Victor McElhaney was murdered during an apparent robbery attempt. McElhaney was an extraordinarily talented drummer, said USC jazz professor Peter Erskine, who gave...
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    Yes, great spoof.