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  1. CSR

    Anyone playing a 26?

    Splash of the Gods!
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    Stone Temple Pilots Drummer's New Set is Cardboard. Sounds Better Than Bubinga?

    Next.....Zildjian cardboard cymbals!
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    Stone Temple Pilots Drummer's New Set is Cardboard. Sounds Better Than Bubinga?

    Will they be shipped in maple boxes with 5-ply reinforcements?
  4. CSR

    Prayers needed for fellow Drum Brother, Chris Jensen

    Best thought sent.
  5. CSR

    Road trip to pick up...why drums! Imagine that.

    I drove a few hundred miles to deliver a set to a DFO drumbrother. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t damaged in transit. No charge.
  6. CSR

    Wondering about the timpani

    Gauges will get you in the ballpark, especially for multiple blind tunings. They need to be set before every rehearsal and concert, and the timpanist must always tune up to the required note, never down.
  7. CSR

    Wondering about the timpani

    I read “standard” grip as “traditional snare grip”. I assume you mean “American” grip? Actually, American, German, and French are all used, but never Traditional grip. My misunderstanding. My apologies.
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    Wondering about the timpani

    Remember, timpani strokes are single strokes, not double...and the speed changes with the size of the timp and the tension so as not to interfere with the harmonic vibration of the head.
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    Wondering about the timpani

    I use a Korg electronic tuner to get right on the money. Real old school is to use a tuning fork and then hum up or down. My higher-range hearing loss makes electric tuning more accurate and convenient.
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    A couple of timpani pieces in response to the general thread on timpani.

    Playing “Superman” with a concert band made up of alumni of my high school for the band’s 90th anniversary. John Williams has always been one of my favorite composers...his brother Don is a timpanist, which may account for his challenging timpani Parts. Solo cadenza with small concert band...
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    Wondering about the timpani

    I’m a timpanist in a regional orchestra, a regional concert band, and a college concert band. I’ve played for over 50 years and own a set of Slingerland timps in my house to practice on. Definitely an acquired skill to tune, change tunings on the fly when the other musicians may be in a...
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    Sitting too low

    Krupa...I have a hunch he might have had back problems, too.
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    Looking for a Dry Ride for Rock

    Zildjian ping. Cuts with few overtones.
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    Sitting too low

    Realize that “thighs parallel to the floor” means thigh BONE (femur) parallel, not the top of the thigh, which is angled up from the knee to the hip joint. If the top of the thigh is parallel to the ground, the femur is actually angling up toward the knee, thus changing the angle of the joints...
  15. CSR

    24” bass drum

    5’10” guy on a 24,13,16,16 set. I sit fairly high, which I believe to be the most ergonomically effective, safe, and comfortable height. For me, 20”, 22”, or 24” bass drums are all comfortable.
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    Sitting too low

    He had notoriously bad posture, slumping from the waist up, and especially his shoulders. The drums seem ergonomically set up that he could reach everything easily. He didn’t have to slump...perhaps it was a bad habit that he didn’t/couldn’t change. If you imagine him sitting up straight and...
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    Sitting too low

    This works for me regarding throne height, snare height, general ergonomics. Of course, that’s primarily heels-down playing.
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    Best worst excuses to buy gear?

    “I have GAS. I think this will relieve it. You want me to feel better, don’t you?”
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    When you're geeking out about gear and you realize you've gone too far...

    I recently sat with a friend who was inspecting a coin collection for potential purchase and was struck by how similar it was to our discussions. The inspection with a loupe of every little part of the coin, looking for crispness or wear on the letters and rim, the reflection off of the...
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    Any Way to Dampen A Cymbal Indoor