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  1. Tama CW

    Rogers 1970's big R bass drum claw/tension rod (1 pair) with "R" logo

    Just looking for one rod and claw to complete a bass drum. "R" logo inside diamond at center of T-rod handle. Thanks.
  2. Tama CW

    Vintage Tama confusion Help please!

    That super maple kit looks to be around 1979-1981 based on the older style floor tom legs and hi hat clutch. Probably 6 digit badge numbers beginning with 1XXXXX.
  3. Tama CW

    Vintage Tama confusion Help please!

    Cherry Wine SS owner since 1984 and added the Super Maples last year. Generally superb build quality and the hardware is killer. Cruising around FaceBook market place today I ran across a 1 week old ad near Binghamton, NY (Owego) for a 1980's Tama Swingstar set. Thing was they were green...
  4. Tama CW

    The 25 Greatest Rock Bands of All Time!

    Choose your "top 25." Then rank all those hundreds to thousands of lists and you'll come up with a pretty good "top 50" to "top 100" list. There won't be much separation in those bands in the 40-100 slots. No Deep Purple in the top 10-15? That's a huge oversight. They're right up there...
  5. Tama CW

    Morning garage sale score

    The advantage of vintage drums that don't have any model name ID. Buyers +1.
  6. Tama CW

    Sketchy Cymbal Purchase On Reverb

    I as a seller wouldn't give a full refund until the item is back in my hands and verified in the same condition as sold. There are games being played by buyers too who scream "foul" and then send back the same item with additional damage....or pull a switch. I know that's not the case here...
  7. Tama CW

    Sketchy Cymbal Purchase On Reverb

    That's ridiculous. I recently sold a 15 year old Paiste Signature ride cymbal on REVERB that was not brand new. 2 owners. And barely touched. Hardly a stick graze on it. And certainly NOT a single edge blemish, ding, dent or fleabite anywhere. It was used....but in excellent 95%...
  8. Tama CW

    Yamaha Experts, Help needed with 9000RC Serial Number please.

    I've seen the badge color discussed before. I've never really kept data on it. But it's logical that that the Made In Taiwan drums from 1977-1980 came with silver badges. And the MIJ drums beginning at some point in the early 1980's probably came with that pinkish or rose color. My 1982...
  9. Tama CW

    Tama 80s superstar air vents

    On Facebook, there's a site called Vintage Tama Drums where the top restorer who posts frequently does great badges. He must have a source and/or method for doing the grommets. Consider touching base there.
  10. Tama CW

    Official Yamaha Drums Thread

    Didn't know this thread existed. I own a 1981 Tour Series concert tom kit 8/10/12/13/16/18/24 and 1980 9000D pre-recording series 5 pc. std sized kit.
  11. Tama CW

    What are some “sleeper” great vintage drums?

    80's Tama Imperialstars, Royalstars, and Swingstars. Lots of people have gigged with these drums. And they can be found cheap like the Pearl Exports. It's gotten to the point where much of the 1980's has been completely discounted except for the very top of the line drums from each...
  12. Tama CW

    Yamaha Experts, Help needed with 9000RC Serial Number please.

    Maybe trying to save money on those metal parts....or....maybe to make the overall added weight lighter and/or an improvement in tone? Whatever the reason they shelved it....probably didn't work out that well. Those plastic parts breaking under tension (or when dropped) could have been part...
  13. Tama CW

    Yamaha Experts, Help needed with 9000RC Serial Number please.

    Thanks for the photos. Best I can tell, those plastic extenders were used from 1982-1984....and possibly as long as 1981-1985. They used the metal rollers on their higher line snare drums before and after that date range. I think I can recall seeing at least one Yamaha drum with only a...
  14. Tama CW

    Rogers superten vs Tama imperialstar snare

    Yes, please do. Write more clearly next time. And by the way, your comprehension is still deficient. "These are Seamless Metal shells. Even the OP was aware the shells were the same." Nope. The OP left it ambiguous whether they understood the MC vs KB shells. Read it again. The "I...
  15. Tama CW

    Yamaha Experts, Help needed with 9000RC Serial Number please.

    The serial number is "SD-980RP KP." Some or most of the drums in the middle 80's didn't get the 4-5 digits following the yr/mo of production (ie KP in your case). And that's not that big a deal since drums grouped within 1-3 months of each other is pretty common for a kit...sometimes even...
  16. Tama CW

    Need Help Identifying: Late 70s-ish Yamaha 9000?

    Never noticed that these drums showed up on Reverb shortly after the OP sold them. They sold on CL within 2 weeks of posting them here....and then appeared almost immediately on Reverb by the next owner. Seller got a very strong price which was higher than all the estimates posted here...
  17. Tama CW

    Ebay/Craigslist heads up for vintage drums-the official thread

    A cute looking BDP Leedy kit out of Portland, Maine. Looks to be in excellent condition. Seller asking $1200 via Craigs List. LEEDY Spartan early 1940's
  18. Tama CW

    Yamaha YD 9000D real wood kit - set up for play

    After 2 months I finally got this Yamaha kit set up to play. The walnut colored SD-755 wood snare is currently on another Tama kit. So I thought I'd give my Yamaha 14x6.5 SD-065 super sensitive snare a run with this kit. It's actually much closer dated to the other 4 drums than the wood...
  19. Tama CW

    1980's Pearl confusion

    MLX, BLX, and DLX all great kits. Often they come in power tom size though. It helps keep the price down. I have a BLX/DLX for sale near me - 5 piece with power toms - hardware and entry level cymbals for $400. Not a bad looking player's kit. The MLX's are tougher to find and probably...
  20. Tama CW

    Rogers superten vs Tama imperialstar snare

    Did read it again, several times before I posted. Your post was somewhat misleading....which was my point. Could be read as that the KG was the "sole" heavy metal, seamless snare that Tama made as if it were a standalone shell. No reading error here. You just worded it ambiguously....which...