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  1. frankmott

    7-pc double-bass Vintage Ludwig SBP at a gig!

    So Mister 4-pc here (at most) actually hauled all these drums to a gig last night. It was my debut as a member of a power-trio (though I've filled in a few times with them before). It was more drums than I've played at a gig in decades. Mostly out of laziness. But I wanted to make a statement...
  2. frankmott

    Channeling Max Weinberg

    Wow! I saw Springsteen opening for Black Oak Arkansas on January 19, 1974 at the Kent State University Ballroom. I had never heard of him, and had gone to see BOA (Hey, I was 16, and I REALLY went to see Tommy Aldridge!). Even at that tender age, I had to admit the unknown-to-me opening act blew...
  3. frankmott

    A first for me - snare reso head broke during a gig.

    It happened to me once on a gig, many years ago. There was a split from rim to rim, right through the middle of the drum, under the wires. Ludwig 402. I couldn't figure out what was wrong until the band took a break. I was running a 14" floor at the time, and put the regular clear Ambassador...
  4. frankmott

    OT: “Dark Side Of The Moon” and “The Wizard Of Oz”

    Also from Wikipedia: Dark Side of the Moon audio engineer Alan Parsons in 2003 dismissed the supposed effect:
  5. frankmott

    OT: “Dark Side Of The Moon” and “The Wizard Of Oz” We latch on to the the things the line-up with our beliefs, and conveniently ignore the things that don't. Even better...
  6. frankmott

    Sketchy Cymbal Purchase On Reverb

    I am suspicious of any company who out-of-the-gate engages in a deception by naming themselves "LA Music" when they're in Canada. I don't care if the owner's name is Larry Anderson (or whatever). It smells of intentional deception.
  7. frankmott

    World's Great Drummers Salute Ringo Starr!

    I respectfully disagree. "Greatest" means top of the game. "Great" simply means very-good. I'm happy include Dave Grohl in the category of "Great" drummers, but not in the category of "Greatest." Do you think there's no difference between "Biggest," and "Big?" "Fastest," and "Fast?"
  8. frankmott

    World's Great Drummers Salute Ringo Starr!

    It's "World's GREAT Drummers," not "Greatest Drummers." Makes a difference. I can easily agree with the former, but probably not the latter.
  9. frankmott

    World's Great Drummers Salute Ringo Starr!

    It's been pretty well established that John never said that.
  10. frankmott

    Quantizing John Bonham

    Perhaps some are missing the quantize-is-evil point. Yes, Moonie played well to a click, but his groove breathed within the bar (as did Bonham's), even within one beat. Many drummer can play to a click all day long and still make it human. Think Keltner, or Jordan -- great session players who...
  11. frankmott

    OT: “Dark Side Of The Moon” and “The Wizard Of Oz”

    Complete twaddle. For starters, they're two very different lengths (42 vs 102 minutes). Are we supposed to play the record 2.4 times? Back in the day, my buddies and i got really stoned and watched white noise on the TV -- jammed between stations, when you could do that -- and the random...
  12. frankmott

    World's Great Drummers Salute Ringo Starr!

    I will never grow tired of that. There are lots of favorite bits, but I often quote Grohl's quip at 2:31, "If you're a drummer and you can do this," (plays just eights on the floor-tom and quarters on the kick from the verse in Come Together) "...and have people dancing, you're a f*ckin'...
  13. frankmott

    What heads? Review on Evan's 360's

    Evans uses the phrase "Level 360" on all of their models. There is no "360" model. So which "360" did you get?
  14. frankmott

    What heads? Review on Evan's 360's

    ALL Evans heads -- from G1 through Hydraulic -- are "Level 360." Which ones are you getting?
  15. frankmott

    O.T. 5/4/19

    Kent State. 49 years ago today. Never mind Star Wars.
  16. frankmott

    In praise of the humble Acrolite

    Another Acro fan here. Mine's a polished aluminum keystone. It always sounds good. I think it's the eight-lug configuration and aluminum shell. When I had my drum shop, we got a lot of Acros in on trade. We'd clean them up and test them against every other snare in the store. In totally...
  17. frankmott

    Is There a Drum Solo You Truly Like Musically? If So, Please Post It and Tell Why

    Ali Jackson Jr.; My Bucket's got a Hole in it from Two Men with the Blues; Wynton Marsalis & Willie Nelson live. I generally dislike ALL drum solos, but this one is musical to me. He nicely follows the form of the song.
  18. frankmott

    Analyzing Songs and Drumming

    Are you talking about listening to bar bands playing covers?
  19. frankmott

    Playing 6-10 Gigs a Month For 25+ Years To Zero

    YES! Sometimes we make an extra three or four bucks from the tip jar! Good times.
  20. frankmott

    The 8 and 10 inch rack toms of the 80's

    I've yet to hear an 8-inch drum that I liked -- and I did half a dozen clinics with Dave when I worked for Zildjian.