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  1. shiek_yerbouti

    Yamaha Club Custom Blue Swirl - 22/10/12/14/16 SOLD

    Oh how I wish!
  2. shiek_yerbouti

    Playing Live with a Tablet to Scroll Sheet Music

    Hi, I may have a situation where it’s necessary (and to my advantage) to have a tablet onstage with music notation scrolling on screen. A friend of mine is using Mobile Sheets Pro and he suggests I do the same so I can set up the notation to scroll hands free. This program is an Android app, so...
  3. shiek_yerbouti

    I made my own Superkick Heads!!

    That would be closer to an Aquarian Super Kick head since you’re using giant felt rings. Good move. I bet it sounds great!
  4. shiek_yerbouti

    speaking of bad posture..Phil Collins story

    Sorry but you're spreading more misinformation. Here is Phil himself from 2009: "Collins told Rolling Stone Magazine: "My vertebrae has been crushing my spinal cord because of the position I drum in. It comes from years of playing. I can't even hold the sticks properly without it being...
  5. shiek_yerbouti

    speaking of bad posture..Phil Collins story

    I’m sure Phil knows himself as well as his neurosurgeon. "It’s all speculation. The neurosurgeon is speculating, as is Phil and so are you.” ....did you just actually write that? That’s hilarious! So you as a physiotherapist who has never met with this patient knows more than he or his...
  6. shiek_yerbouti

    The Who. Current tour.

    Is the whole tour going to be to a click? I'm seeing them in FLA in September and just wondering? Thanks for the post!
  7. shiek_yerbouti

    For sale: 18" Paiste Signature Full Crash *SOLD*

    That's a steal for such a wonderful cymbal! My favorite crash!
  8. shiek_yerbouti

    SOLD 17” Paiste 2002 Sound Edge Hats

    Whoa! I didn't know these came in 17"!
  9. shiek_yerbouti

    Paiste Cymbal Cleaner on Zildjian K Custom

    I have used Paiste Cymbal Cleaner (and the Protector too) on A & K Zildjians and Istanbuls with great success. I am the same as you, in that I’m not obsessed with having the cymbals clean and shiny. I just prefer to have my own grime on the cymbals instead of someone else’s. I’d suggest to use...
  10. shiek_yerbouti

    Age, Cognition, and Time

    Look at Dick Van Dyke. (I know he's not a drummer.) He 93 years old, has suffered with arthritis for many years and yet he was always able to perform. His motto is to Keep Moving.
  11. shiek_yerbouti

    OT: Your Favorite Live DVD?

    Concert for George is my favorite.
  12. shiek_yerbouti

    Summer Concert Season! Who Are You Seeing?

    We've got tickets for ELO in July and The Who in September! Woo-hoo!
  13. shiek_yerbouti

    Snare Stand 101

    The way that arm/ball on theTaye is positioned looks like something to me that inherently wants to slip. I have never tried one though.
  14. shiek_yerbouti

    Jack DeJohnette Limited Edition 22” HHX Shimmering ‘75’ Ride

    Beautiful looking cymbal! Do you know the weight?
  15. shiek_yerbouti

    OT: Your Favorite Live Album?

    Lots of great live records mentioned already! How about this one? Any fans?
  16. shiek_yerbouti

    Free: Bear playing drums sweater

    Oh noooo... Did I miss out? LOL!
  17. shiek_yerbouti

    OT: Your Favorite Live Album?

    There are so many, but this one always jumps to my mind first for favorite live albums.
  18. shiek_yerbouti

    What's Your Chosen Ride For Rock?

    A Medium weight ride should work for you such as a Paiste 2002 Ride, 602 Medium Ride, A Zildjian Medium Ride, K Ride, K Custom Medium Ride. A good Medium weight ride will give you the definition you need without losing too much stick sound and it won’t feel like a man-hole cover.