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  1. Fat Drummer

    P338 Repros

    That looks GREAT on that drum... very period looking and function.
  2. Fat Drummer

    Istanbul Agop 21" Signature Ride ~2080 grams

    That's a good video of the cymbal in the second one (II), and crisp tight playing as well... nice. GLWTS
  3. Fat Drummer

    Break out the Champagne (Sparkle Ludwigs)

    Holy cow... it looks to be in darn near perfect condition!! Congratulation again on this great opportunity!
  4. Fat Drummer

    Vintage Tama confusion Help please!

    What a great kit...congratulations!! I hate the be the downer at the party... but Tama lugs from this era are notorious for being weak at the threaded portion of the casting. Should you strip the shell down, be easy loosening and reinstalling the screws as the threaded shafts can break off the...
  5. Fat Drummer

    Calling all "Pearl People"... Do I REALLY Know What This Snare Is?

    That is awesome Adman, that is a handy reference to keep close. While I only own this one example, I do think the Sensitone line as a whole is one of the best snare drum values in the marketplace overall. Again, speaking just for me, it is the line I always recommend first when someone is...
  6. Fat Drummer


    uh... remember, you did ask for their opinions. And the consensus seems to be "junk". If it was cheap enough I would try it just because it looks like a fun project to mess around with, but I would have little to no expectations.
  7. Fat Drummer

    Benefit Gig!

    Cool, have a blast and play to honor your sister and the cure that one day will hopefully be found for all cancer.
  8. Fat Drummer

    Calling all "Pearl People"... Do I REALLY Know What This Snare Is?

    Heck man, your just like me.... we're all on the same road just looking for more knowledge.
  9. Fat Drummer

    Calling all "Pearl People"... Do I REALLY Know What This Snare Is?

    By the way, THANK YOU PETERK256! The 1998 Pearl Snare catalog you linked was the period to the whole story. Every question I had was now conclusively answered with documentation.... good gosh I love this site! Thanks all! W
  10. Fat Drummer

    Calling all "Pearl People"... Do I REALLY Know What This Snare Is?

    Correct, I know mine is the first generation before they introduced the Elites, but this is a good example of how confusing the Sensitone line can be spread out over so many version and sub series for almost 25 years. And nope, my hoops and claws are indeed factory orgional, and I think that...
  11. Fat Drummer

    Calling all "Pearl People"... Do I REALLY Know What This Snare Is?

    Thanks guys, I updated the info in my original post. Please let me know if anyone has more info I should add. Like I said, I never perused this drum, I just acquired it in a trade and therefore never did any real research on it back in the day when the info was readily available. Now it's...
  12. Fat Drummer

    Calling all "Pearl People"... Do I REALLY Know What This Snare Is?

    Hey folks, let me tell you what I THINK it is and you tell me what it REALLY is if you happen to have this info. I traded for this drum at least 20 years ago and it's been a real work horse for me, even serving as my primary snare for a full decade. I am considering letting it go but I wanted...
  13. Fat Drummer

    fill-in gig questions...would you??

    Yep, if actually being at every practice was a deal breaker, then I would break that deal. I would let them know how flattered and appreciative I was that they liked my playing and had confidence in me, but it just would not make sense to play that date.
  14. Fat Drummer

    Backstage (again) at Dave Matthews Band!

    That is fantastic man, always proud for you when you have these opportunities!
  15. Fat Drummer

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    I decided to wait and do all three office days at once this afternoon. The Toto show was off this weekend (pre production is 3 days a week for another 4 weeks) and that gave us an off couple of days to rest. So what did I do to rest? Play more more drums of course! Friday night was with an...
  16. Fat Drummer

    Your Latest Purchases

    I saw this on Ebay, and apparently no one else did as I was the only bidder taking it for far to low a price.... I actually felt sorry for the seller. I'm sure he was counting on many people bidding it up from his low starting point, but I was it. A 2013 14X6.5" George Way Birch Traditions...
  17. Fat Drummer

    Show Off Your Entire Snare Collection

    My first post in this thread was at the end of December, but 5 months lhas brought a few changes in my Snare collection. I dont have a predetermined number I try to maintane, but a dozen seems to be my sweet spot. I enjoy buying and selling so things are always open to chnage, but for now here...
  18. Fat Drummer

    Score of a lifetime!

    Just stunning, congrats for you!
  19. Fat Drummer

    Anyone else using two rides on live gigs?

    For pretty much all my classic R&B style gigs, I always use just two rides... in my case Istanbul Mehmet 20" and 22" 70 Series Nostalgia Rides (paired with a set of 15" Nostalgia Hats). These two can do everything well and give me a nice authentic sound and great feel under the stick.
  20. Fat Drummer

    Contemporary drum solos have changed... but I can't put my thumb on it

    Really, I have no opinion on the solo as all I got out of that piece was that every day is the weekend. ;)