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  1. blueshadow

    USPS Lost package - who opens a claim seller or buyer?

    Thanks! Yeah have always had good service with USPS and have always tried to use them but I don't get burned more than once by any company...done with them. I shipped another snare the next week and told the clerk about the issue and she said "did we not check the address for you?" I said...
  2. blueshadow

    7-pc double-bass Vintage Ludwig SBP at a gig!

    Looks great. Doesn't seem like you have to carry much more hardware than usual so it's just extra drums which being vintage at least are too heavy. I'd say get you a cart to help the load in and keep using them if you can. Looks like fun! Mostly what I play doesn't call for more than a 4...
  3. blueshadow

    USPS Lost package - who opens a claim seller or buyer?

    So I sold a snare back in April to a fellow forum member. It got sent to the wrong address and was supposedly returned to sender (Me) even though the buyer had called the post office that day and they said they'd hold it for him. When he went to get it they said that it was not there and it...
  4. blueshadow

    Advice: 16x12 or 16x14, or even 16x13 bass drum?

    Why not use the 16" floor tom you already have with a conversion kit?
  5. blueshadow

    Excited - wanted to share RUR Drums #1

    Those turned out great
  6. blueshadow

    Prayers needed for fellow Drum Brother, Chris Jensen

    Thoughts and Prayers for ya big can beat that S%$@ like a drum! For newer members Chris was the original owner of this fine forum, none of us would be here without him!
  7. blueshadow

    Shells for sale

    Moving to For Sale Section
  8. blueshadow

    Yamaha Club Custom Blue Swirl - 22/10/12/14/16 SOLD

    That was fast...and I'm glad put me out of my misery quickly :)
  9. blueshadow

    What Makes A Snare Drum Good?

    Very subjective as most "best" but my best would be anything Ludwig "metal"
  10. blueshadow

    Road trip to pick up...why drums! Imagine that.

    L.A. close enough to put them in a small wagon behind your bike and go :)
  11. blueshadow

    Staining natural lacquered birch

    Here's a link to a couple shells I did a couple years ago. 8x12 is factory and 14x22 and 16x16 painted to "match" Both the 22 and 16 had to be stripped of the glue, these were previously wrapped drums. The 22" had been...
  12. blueshadow

    Staining natural lacquered birch

    One thing to keep in mind as I've learned the hard way, there's a difference between Stain and Dye...Stain sits on top dye soaks in and will give you a much better finish...but needs to be on a new shell at least in my experience any glues or lacquer removed will have an effect on how dye penetrates
  13. blueshadow

    2019 Chicago Drum Show Roll Call!

    I suspect the group photo time will be moved to after 1:30 ;) Wish I could be there for of these years I'm going to have to make the Chi show.... everyone take lots of photos!
  14. blueshadow

    Road trip to pick up...why drums! Imagine that.

    So if I buy the blue ones will you deliver to Austin, TX? I should be careful what I say! I would love the blue ones, but I don't really have a need or the room for them. Saw a set in person at Pro Drum a few years back they are so cool!
  15. blueshadow

    Summer Vacation - Gulf Shores Alabama

    Thanks I've been to the fort in Mobile as well when I was 13 or 14...I think we went to the USS Alabama as well
  16. blueshadow

    Some nice looking stuff listed.
  17. blueshadow

    At my wit's end with Guitar Center

    true...but not everyone has one or have one that has used kits....but I'd look at every other outlet than GC such as Reverb, Here!, Fork's, Maxwell, Music-go-round(sorta big box but seem to be a little better at online purchases) etc. Still it sucks when you find just what you want online from...
  18. blueshadow

    Ludwig classic maple kits

    I like my 8x12 Rack, I've had one 9x13 and didn't like it as much. Either would be fine though with a 14x14 and 16x16. You probably already know this but just in case.... the download configuration guide is here: Fun...
  19. blueshadow

    Road trip to pick up...why drums! Imagine that.

    Have fun Dan, that's one way to make sure you get the drums delivered safely! I shipped a snare to a forum member in Seattle that is still MIA.... I could of walked it to Seattle by now!