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  1. barryabko

    Mystery bongos

    Neither the lugs or slotted t rods look like Sonor to me.
  2. barryabko


    I just sold a Sonor Performer snare here within 48 hours of listing it.
  3. barryabko

    SOLD: Sonor Performer 6.5" x 14" Snare - EXCELLENT!

    SOLD: Sonor Performer 6.5" x 14" ferro-manganese snare in excellent condition. I've barely played it and never gigged with it. $265 plus actual shipping. I am in the Los Angeles area. Please send a PM if you have questions or would like a shipping quote. It will be packed very well for...
  4. barryabko

    Favorite snare for rock

    Yes. I have one and it is a great rock snare. Another great rock snare that I have is the 6.5" Drumcraft cast aluminum.
  5. barryabko

    What do we have here?

    The item at 2:00 o'clock looks like the backside of a rack nameplate clip.
  6. barryabko

    What are some “sleeper” great vintage drums?

    I have a 6.5" x 14" Sonor Performer snare available. Please send a PM to me if you are interested in it. Barry
  7. barryabko

    The top part of a double conga stand

    I have a brand new Gon Bops double conga stand to sell. Please PM me if you are interested in it.
  8. barryabko

    RIP Hal Blaine

    I first met Hal over twenty five years ago at NAMM. I turned the corner and was amazed to see Hal's famous "Monster Drum Kit" that was used on countless iconic songs in the 60's and 70's! I stared at that kit for quite a while and then turned to leave and was even more astounded to see Hal...
  9. barryabko

    Advice needed

    There might be an imprint in the coated surface from the edge of original badge. If so, some of it will be visible with the new badge installed.
  10. barryabko

    Dial Tune Snare Drum

    Yes Tommy, I agree that there is a lot of metal on the shell. I picked up the snare and it is rather heavy. Maybe using almuminum hardware would help in that regard. Considering the noisy conditions at NAMM I tend not to make ultimate sonic judgements, however.
  11. barryabko

    Dial Tune Snare Drum

    I saw and heard it at NAMM. A very clever design that works as advertised.
  12. barryabko

    Why Is Ringo Always The Question?

    "Best" is at best (!:)) a subjective term. Each person will have their own subjective and biased opinion on any person, item or situation that they believe is "best". Trying to change what someone else believes is usually not going to be that successful, IMHO.
  13. barryabko

    Whatever Happened to Steve Gadd?

    I saw him play with James Taylor a number of months ago. He was grooving along.
  14. barryabko


    I remember reading that Hal Blaine thought she was good enough to play drums on The Carpenters recordings and urged her to do so. Despite that, Karen still wanted Hal to record the drum album tracks.
  15. barryabko

    Ringo's cymbal weights?

    To me, it looks as though that photo is vertically stretched somewhat. If so, the curvature of the profile and the bell height would not actually be that pronounced.
  16. barryabko

    Fifty9Dunes, I have 14" X 5" Yamaha Beech Custom in plum / purple. I forgot what Yamaha called...

    Fifty9Dunes, I have 14" X 5" Yamaha Beech Custom in plum / purple. I forgot what Yamaha called that color but it is quite beautiful and in excellent condition. I bought it to be a great wood gigging snare but wound up not gigging with it at all and barely played it. I recall that I paid $245...
  17. barryabko

    Yamaha Beech Custom Snare

    I have one. I'll send a PM.
  18. barryabko

    Yamaha Parallel aluminum?

    I agree. Even if the shell was aluminum the hardware would not be. Considering it all has the same dull shine it's probably a layer of grime.
  19. barryabko

    Unusual MIJ snare drum find

    It looks extremely similar to a first generation TAMA King Beat.
  20. barryabko

    Castanets anyone?

    I have an LP castanet machine and use it occasionally as a song may require.