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  1. charlesm

    WFL Auditorium magic

    Sweet drums! Mike, I have to say: I had a '67 all-orig. champagne Jazz Fest for a little while and it did not have near the tone of the WFL. Polar was very bright and toppy. It had a maple interior, though, and I think the Ludwig edges were sharper by that point; it sounded that...
  2. charlesm

    WFL Auditorium magic

    Great story! Personally, I wouldn't use 42 strands on mine. I think it would be too "snarey." This drum is all about the shell tone to me. 15", though...might be more forgiving.
  3. charlesm

    WFL Auditorium magic

    15"...that must be one fat-sounding drum!
  4. charlesm

    What's Your Chosen Ride For Rock?

    K 20" Crash/Ride has been my go-to rock ride most of the last 10 years. Prior to that, it was a couple of 20" A mediums at different times and a 20" Ping for many years. I recently acquired a 22" K Dark Medium (again) and I'm looking forward to taking that out. It really is a rock ride with a...
  5. charlesm

    WFL Auditorium magic

    A few years ago, I picked a WFL Supreme Concert (6-lugs) snare in the search for a drum with a strong, inherent "woody" tone. Well, this drum did not disappoint. Within the first few hits, I was just amazed at the warm, round, deep tone of this drum. Eventually, I decided I wanted just a little...
  6. charlesm

    wtb ludwig hammered acrophonic 6.5x14

    Manhattan GC (14th St. store) has one used.
  7. charlesm

    K Custom Dark Complex Ride 22"

    Anyone have a 22" K Custom Dark Complex Ride for sale? Ideally in the 2600-2700g range. Thanks, Charles
  8. charlesm

    Rogers aluminum snares?

    Thanks a lot. Very interesting! Obviously, the aluminum, if it is that, was a one- or two-off oddity. Never regular production. Cool drum!
  9. charlesm

    Rogers aluminum snares?

    No link...
  10. charlesm

    Rogers aluminum snares?

    Wow. Really? I thought conventional wisdom was that any and all metal Powertones were brass.
  11. charlesm

    Rogers aluminum snares?

    Did Rogers ever make an aluminum snare, something to compete with the Acrolite and similar from Slingerland and Gretsch? I don't believe I've ever seen one. Seems like they weren't really in the "lower-end" game. Just curious. Thanks!
  12. charlesm

    Anyone else using two rides on live gigs?

    Yes, always. If not two actual "ride" cymbals then two cymbals that are ride-able. Usually 20 or 22 on right and 18 or 20 on left. Having two ride tones available does wonders in supporting different sections of songs.
  13. charlesm

    What's a custom cymbal or even cymbal line you'd want?

    I've done enough trumpeting about this on the forum here...but, well, why not some more? It's just a sound in my mind. From Zildjian K, a crash/ride cymbal that is: Low and dark but NOT real thin and airy. DRY but still open and responsive. Weighty enough to have great depth. Large and...
  14. charlesm

    Do PS Blaster Wires really make that much of a difference

    On brighter drums, the Blasters have sometimes sounded a bit harsh. I've really come around to just sticking with the basic Puresounds or good-quality generic Snappy-type sets on everything. 20-strand. It seems like a fail-safe...always works for a great balance of snare and shell sound.
  15. charlesm

    Anyone play Vic Firth plastic rutes?

    I have a pair. I must have them now for at least 15 years. Adjustable, as mentioned. Great for low-volume situations. Really nice for fat sounds at low-moderate volume. Great for country/train-beat feels. A good and useful tool to have.
  16. charlesm

    Is the sound really difference between a COB and COS Batter Hoop

    Cross-stick sound seems to me to be a combination of hoop type, stick position and the design of the stick. I don't know that you can say it's inherently "better" just because a hoop is COB.
  17. charlesm

    Vintage Gretsch 4160 or New 4160

    Based on samples I've heard, the vintage 4160s have sounded a little drier to me, whereas new versions seem to have a little more openness.
  18. charlesm

    Is the sound really difference between a COB and COS Batter Hoop

    Yes. COB hoops add a brassy, musical overtone to the ring. It's a little softer and more refined compared to the brighter, aggressive ring of steel. We're not talking HUGE differences here but subtle and, yes, noticeable ones.
  19. charlesm

    Los Angeles scene?

    Metro-NY and Long Island. Nobody except some absolute elite agency wedding band playing an elite wedding is making $50k around here. What you are talking about is very special circumstances, not typical. The average young-ish, middle-class couple is not spending $50k-$100k on music. Again, in...
  20. charlesm

    Los Angeles scene?

    $50k + is in no way a common payout for a wedding around here. To clarify, I'm talking about more average fees that are on the higher side. That tends to run $4k-$7k these days. Yes, if you happen to get hooked up with wealthy/prominent Manhattan/Hamptons people, you can make some crazy money...