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  1. AaronLatos

    Is C&C Drum Company Still in Business

    Shipping a single in-stock component is one thing (and is done via the regular post office). Any co doing any sort of volume is going to have their parts shipped freight, likely the only way to maintain something resembling reasonable pricing... and yeah, unfortunately, that can take a while...
  2. AaronLatos

    Have: 6.5" Ludwig Hammered Bronze. Seeking: 2-piece Ludwig, or heavy cast snare

    Edited. Added some extra sizes I'd go for, and, what the heck: If you've got a deep cast metal whatever, I'd also entertain a conversation.
  3. AaronLatos

    Have: 6.5" Ludwig Hammered Bronze. Seeking: 2-piece Ludwig, or heavy cast snare

    I've got a 6.5x14" Ludwig Hammered Bronze. It's a player: has a fair share of scratches. It's drilled for both a P85 and Supersensitive throws: currently has a P85 but would be easy to turn it back into a Super. Sounds GREAT: I think I've played it in every US state except Delaware or Hawaii...
  4. AaronLatos

    Would you gig a NOB snare From the 20s?

    I just did soundcheck within drum of that description. It's one of my main gigging instruments. I swapped out the no flange batter hoop for a Gretsch diecast. I did it partially for durability and reliability sake, but mostly because I just really love the combination of the thick chunky rimshot...
  5. AaronLatos

    Ludwig Hercules Boom Stand: Stripped Tensioner

    This. Back when I was gigging a kit with a W+A rail, I replaced the main bolt with one of these to enable setup/teardown without needing the wrench.
  6. AaronLatos

    Help with (1940?) Slingerland Radio Kings

    Can't read the paper but that's a good price. Fair but a good deal for you. The bass has earlier lugs, but there was definitely overlap and mixed factory sets are common (mine has the newer smaller lugs on only the 16ft, which also has a prototype of a different metal hoop that never went into...
  7. AaronLatos

    1940’s Radio Kings 13, 16, 26 *SOLD

    Yep... the real deal. Old growth, furniture grade. They don't make drums like this anymore because one simply CAN'T: this wood doesn't exist.
  8. AaronLatos

    1940’s Radio Kings 13, 16, 26 *SOLD

    These are beautiful, and the price is right. I already have the same sizes in 1948 gold glitter. Can't justify a second set with my limited studio space, but if that wasn't the case I'd have a hard time saying no.
  9. AaronLatos

    Help with (1940?) Slingerland Radio Kings

    I think wood hoops were a catalog option that not many availed of. Assuming the snare is a single ply, it alone is worth $1k, +/-. I don't know what the wood hoops do the the value,to be frank. Some might see them as a negative, as it does make for a drumset that'll show more wear under hard...
  10. AaronLatos

    Ludwig snares with "large" classic lugs?

    Cool, thanks for the digging, folks! Think they'd look good on that drum. It's a lot of snare drum, and I like the look of those lugs, so I'll go for it. Will update when I get around to it (it's still two projects deep for me).
  11. AaronLatos

    The worth of a set of local USA Ludwig Rockers?

    It's official: these are the most undervalued vintage kit on the market. Superclassics with lighter (imo: better) hardware. They sound different, but as good as 3ply. I can't tell about this one, but some of them were formica wrapped, which is as indestructible as it gets. Re: details...
  12. AaronLatos

    Small cordless drill recommendations.

    Terminology time, not to be a stickler but because it makes it easier to know what we're talking about: A four-pointed (X) bit is a "Philips" bit. There IS a different bit design that colloquially gets called a "star" bit (certain styles popularized by the Torx company), but it's completely...
  13. AaronLatos

    Small cordless drill recommendations.

    Two options. I use one of these: a right-angle drill adapter in a regularly cordless drill. Works great. Milescraft Drive90PLUS Impact Ready Right Angle Drill Attachment Another...
  14. AaronLatos

    Ludwig snares with "large" classic lugs?

    Were there any Ludwig snare models with large classic (floor tom, etc) lugs? I've got a line on a nice 8x14 shell and a box of parts, and wondering how that would look/if it would work...
  15. AaronLatos

    What are some “sleeper” great vintage drums?

    Yep! :) And such huge thanks for getting that drum my way. It's going to see a lot of use. My thoughts on sleeper drums echo some other folks: Pearl Fiberglass and Phenolic. IMHO, the best built shells of the 70s were these and Sonor. They're THAT good. And they sound incredible: the FGs are...
  16. AaronLatos

    Pearl Fiberglass bass drum

    Wow... thanks so much! Had a lovely cup of coffee with Drew and his wife. We couldn't help but start to pull the wrap off of the bass drum in between cars. :) The kit will be a really fun one. After comparing a few shells (I have the wrapped off of the bass and have couple of toms stripped...
  17. AaronLatos

    Iconic standard reference point for maple shell drums.

    It's somewhat of a non-answer, but I don't think I've been in a studio in the NYC metro area that doesn't have at least one maple Keller-shelled set. It might be Modern Drum Shop, Precision, GMS, late Slingerland, or any number of other smaller builders, but there's always at least one, and the...
  18. AaronLatos

    Gig kit recommendations

    Another vote for cases. Beato Pro1 are a best of both worlds option: easy to put drums into like hard cases, pack well into small cars like traditional soft cases, fire and water resistant, and are, imho, better protection than either in anything but a brute "crush" scenario (in which case...
  19. AaronLatos

    Recommendations for a wheeled Cymbal Case

    An avoid: the zildjian rolling bag. They work great new, but are not well built, have a lot of components that fail. Not just me... I have two zildjian endorser friends who have Z send them a new one every year. I don't use a rolling bag anymore (soft backpack Beato Pro1 are great), throw it in...