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    WTB Ludwig double tom post from 60s or 70s

    I have your double post, also have the rare triple post, both good condition, any interest P.M. me for pic's
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    8x12 WFL Tom Complete or Shell

    I have a shell, bare, no extra holes, but whom ever pulled wrap off pulled some of the shell off with it, its been here awhile, no use to me , if you can use it yours for cost of shipping, i'm in Canada so that might kill it.
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    WTB: Ludwig Snare Drum Muffler

    pm sent.
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    Rogers 18" BD

    I too was looking for a 18" bass drum, Ludwig, couldn't find one I could afford, so I started looking at 18" marching drums, came across a premier, cheap, had a white wrap and mach lugs, wood hoops, managed to get wrap off no problems, nice perfect maple shell, as the lugs only had 2...
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    Why Bother Finishing Drums at All?

    i'm guessing the same as your car or house, protection form the elements, plus easer to keep clean, then there is looks, raw wood will get grubby looking in time.
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    13 Ludwig Keystone tom - DRUM FOUND!

    PM sent
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    Burgundy/Merlot Sparkle...a question of aesthetics...opinions wanted.

    I did have a Gretsch bass drum come to me last summer, had a lug shoved thru the shell, I managed to pull the wrap off with no problems, I sold it to a chap on either ( vintage drum forum or drum form) he was going to use it for inlays as well, sorry but I can't remember or find his name...
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    Burgundy/Merlot Sparkle...a question of aesthetics...opinions wanted.

    i'm more a horder than collector, I did have 7 burgundy kits at one time! plus about 25 burgundy orphan shells. now I know thru some of the wrap suppliers you can now buy at least 4 different shades of burgundy, I have a gretch 20" hoop that has burgundy wrap on it, i'll sell the hoop...
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    Camber T-Tops

    I use the T-tops, love them, i'm older now and fingers don't work like the used too! and when wing nuts dropped they went on a trip of their own, into someone elses space.
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    Removing a Re-Ring from a Ludwig 3 ply shell

    I have done this a few times, but you do need a table saw and rotor table with fence, after deciding on my depth of new shell, I set table saw fence at the size as well as removing an extra 1/4". I then cut the ring off the scrap piece on table saw. I now set the rotor fence to remove...
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    WTB: 60s Gold Sparkle Wrap Scraps

    if your repair on the 1" hole goes sour, you can always plate it, I made mine from a alum. highway sign, cut it out polished it ,took to engaver had Ludwig put on it, I covered a Slingerland mount hole, yours would be smaller.
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    Scammed on a Beatles Head display ? probably

    I had same problem while back 36" blackstone grill for $49. but time was running out, they had a clock with time ticking off!, I too had to pay with card, now I knew I would never see it, but dam it sounded so good, who ever set the site up did a good job, you could look thru their...
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    FOUND 16 chrome/nickel Ludwig Large OR small classic lugs with mount screws

    have your chrome lugs& screws, nice condition, any interest send zip ( for ship quote and pic's
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    Ludwig Bass Drum Parts

    have 12 t's, claws, washers any interest pm me at ( with zip for pic's and ship quote. thx mike
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    Ludwig wish list

    I have nice large lugs & screws, leg mounts, if you can't find something close to you.
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    Rogers oval dummy plate to cover former Swivo-matic holes

    I made my own, alum. road sign, cut out with gij-saw, polished on wheel, took to sears had Ludwig engraved on it.
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    ludwig club-date rods

    is there different lengths for the club-date T-rods? and maybe it depends on the length of the swivel nuts in the lugs? I have some that are 6-1/8" on the shanks.
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    WTB: Ludwig bass drum parts

    I have nice T's & claws, in Canada so shipping may kill it, any interest reply to ( for pics
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    How cold is too cold?

    in a band many years ago, we had been drinking, tired, lazy, said we would unpack tomorrow, it was cold & frosty, unloaded next day every think looked fine, we had done this many times so no worry, few days later we were jamming and when you looked at lead & bass you could see faint spider...