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  1. DrumWhipper

    DFO T-Shirts

    I remember at one time there were some DFO t-shirts for sale. Are they still available?
  2. DrumWhipper

    Prayers needed for fellow Drum Brother, Chris Jensen

    Many thoughts and prayers headed his way.
  3. DrumWhipper

    INDe snare drum strainer

    Thanks to everyone who suggested the INDe snare drum strainer when I asked for recommendations. I installed it on Saturday then used that snare for a five hour rehearsal yesterday. It did a phenomenal job, was easy to install, and easy to adjust to my liking. Thanks again for the suggestion.
  4. DrumWhipper

    fill-in gig questions...would you??

    If they need 12 rehearsals to get ready for a four hour gig they are already in trouble. The vast majority of the fill in gigs I have played have been calls literally at the last minute because something came up - usually an emergency - and their drummer couldn't do it. I simply go and play the...
  5. DrumWhipper

    How to donate to DFO?

    At least this place as has active members. I know of some places that are hanging on by a thread.
  6. DrumWhipper

    Snare drum work

    It mounted up nicely.
  7. DrumWhipper

    Snare drum work

    So I ordered a "universal" strainer for my Orange County snare from Inde drum lab. At no fault of theirs, and all of my own for not paying attention, I got a strainer that has vertical mounting hardware. The Orange County strainer has horizontal mounting hardware. I really don't want to send the...
  8. DrumWhipper

    Needing a throw off

    That is what I like to hear. It will be here Saturday, so I'm looking forward to getting it installed.
  9. DrumWhipper

    Needing a throw off

    I ordered the Inde Black Nickel Strainer & Butt Plate tonight. I'm looking forward to getting it in and getting it installed.
  10. DrumWhipper

    What an opportunity!!!

    Check out how this place is trying to get live bands.
  11. DrumWhipper

    Ludwig Breakbeats

    I've had no issues with my riser. I did follow drum tech Kenny Sharretts' tuning advice for these kits that he has on YouTube
  12. DrumWhipper

    Ludwig Breakbeats

    I've enjoyed playing this Ludwig Breakbeats kit since I bought it a few months back. However, last night was the first time I played it in a full band setting. I was VERY impressed with how it held up. The guys I jammed with were equally impressed, and spoke about how good it sounded for a...
  13. DrumWhipper

    OT: Sick bass player (not in a good way...)

    Many prayers for your friend and everyone involved.
  14. DrumWhipper

    Needing a throw off

    So I purchased an Orange County snare from Guitar Center several months ago, along with the pro coverage warranty. Today the throw off broke on it. They are sending me a check to cover the cost of the snare, and said I do not have to turn the drum back in - I can keep it. I do like the snare so...
  15. DrumWhipper

    New ears on the way
  16. DrumWhipper

    New ears on the way

    Really impressed with them. Low end is good, mids and highs are spot on. I did get the upgraded cable and memory foam buds. I'm very happy with these and will be using them moving forward.
  17. DrumWhipper

    New ears on the way

    I have a set of the pink and blue ZST's that I got from @aparker2005 a while back, but I seem to have a kid who likes to use them. So, I ordered these today. I also ordered the upgraded cables and the memory foam earbud tips...
  18. DrumWhipper

    Rick Allen

    Rick is the reason I play. I used to tuck my left arm inside of my tshirt, and play on bowls and crisco cans. That led to my parents getting me a snare drum. That led to me playing in the school band. That led to me playing in church. That led to me playing any and everywhere I can now.
  19. DrumWhipper

    We got signed for a cool gig in June

    Saturday, June 22. Just $10 to see all of the acts.
  20. DrumWhipper

    Opening for Chris Tomlin!

    Gonna try to come out and support you guys at this show! Need a drum tech? lol