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  1. VintageUSA

    7-pc double-bass Vintage Ludwig SBP at a gig!

    Very nice -- I'd prefer to play the big kit every gig.
  2. VintageUSA

    Prayers needed for fellow Drum Brother, Chris Jensen

    Prayers for a total recovery.
  3. VintageUSA

    A first for me - snare reso head broke during a gig.

    Agree with xsabers.................. I have an extra snare (and an extra bass pedal) at every gig...............shyte happens.
  4. VintageUSA

    At my wit's end with Guitar Center

    Isn't this one of the unforgivable sins ?
  5. VintageUSA

    Quantizing John Bonham

    It's not my concern you chose to remain uneducated. For the other people here in the DFO community, try voicing your opinion without criticizing posts/members.
  6. VintageUSA

    Official Gretsch Drums Thread

    1977 SSB USA..............this August I will have owned (and gigged) these shells for 42 years................
  7. VintageUSA

    Summer Vacation - Gulf Shores Alabama

    I'm a native Texan and I have found the Florida Emerald Coast beaches are better than the Padre Island sand (and anywhere else in the USA). We prefer to go to Fort Walton but I have also been to the Alabama beach -- almost as good. FloriBama is a real dive but you can find some fun music...
  8. VintageUSA

    At my wit's end with Guitar Center

    I completely agree with Sgt. Barnes..........I do not go into our local GC any more..........a total joke for percussionists. We need to ask ourselves -- why would any sane and logical drummer deal with a vendor that has "guitar" in the business name ?
  9. VintageUSA

    Wondering about the timpani

    I played them in college and actually took private lessons for one semester. Tymps are a very different animal. First of all, I was instructed to use the French grip; in addition you have to be able to tune on the fly. Usually, you will have three drums and they are generally tuned to 1/4/5. For...
  10. VintageUSA

    Bass drum pillow

    I use this exact solution.................does not kill the tone.
  11. VintageUSA

    Quantizing John Bonham

    Thank you. For those of us with a lifetime of performance and music theory education, Rick Beato's detailed analysis of a great recording makes it fun. His enthusiasm is contagious.
  12. VintageUSA

    OT: Your Favorite Live DVD?

    Steve Hackett and friends...............THE TOKYO TAPES.................excellent.
  13. VintageUSA

    Sketchy Cymbal Purchase On Reverb

    "Brand New" and "Never Sold" are descriptions that carry two different meanings. It may have "Never Sold" but it looks like it was a demo on some music shop sales floor for a long time. I've got a 1973 Zildjian heavy ride that is in better shape.
  14. VintageUSA

    OT: Sick bass player (not in a good way...)

    Jeez..............what a wild series of events..............sorry to hear all the bad news. Under the circumstances, I think it is great to be strong enough to go see and support your friend...........good for you. We all hope he will regain his strength and walk away from this in due time.
  15. VintageUSA

    For Everyone Near Denver

    Rupps is a good drum shop -- I bought some Ludwigs from those guys in 2012.
  16. VintageUSA

    24” bass drum

    I'm using a 9X13 virgin rack tom in a snare stand with my 14X24 bass drum -- not too high -- very comfortable.
  17. VintageUSA

    For Everyone Near Denver

    Just got this................ Rupp's Drums Presents... TODD SUCHERMAN Call 303-756-5777 For Tickets TODAY!
  18. VintageUSA

    Vintage Gretsch 4160 or New 4160

    It has been my assessment over the years that all 4000 series Gretsch USA snare drums are wonderful. I had a 4160 COB for a couple of years until a collector in NYC just had to have it because it had the "Drop G" badge. I sold it in perfect condition and when it arrived in NYC, he told me it was...
  19. VintageUSA

    When you're geeking out about gear and you realize you've gone too far...

    Here ya go Vinnie geek out here:
  20. VintageUSA

    Pro Sound for Half the Money

    I bought these shells from Rupps (Denver) in 2012. Ludwig Epics were supposed to compete in the mid-level market but they were on the upper end (in both quality and price) of that group. Ludwig realized their mistake and discontinued the line a couple of years later. They were made in Taiwan...