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  1. moosryan

    I have one of those already, thanks though!

    I have one of those already, thanks though!
  2. moosryan

    20" K Custom Dark Ride SOLD

    Bump! Soundfile available.
  3. moosryan

    20" K Custom Dark Ride SOLD

    Thanks all! (especially Bonzoholic for the kind words!)
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    20" K Custom Dark Ride SOLD

    20" K Custom Dark Ride for sale weighing in at 2248 g. Acquired last year in a trade with Bonzoholic and just too similar to other cymbals I use more often. Soundfile available (just a simple Zoom H1 recording) upon request. Looking for $200 shipped in the US. Update: SOLD locally via...
  5. moosryan

    Remo Mondo Djembe Snare 12x7.5

    I believe Corey Fonville plays this drum with Christian Scott sometimes, and it sounds phenomenal. He had it (or something quite like it) in their Tiny Desk set: &t=1595s.
  6. moosryan

    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    Very pleasant trade with Bonzoholic!
  7. moosryan

    Zildjian K Dark For K Heavy *Pic Added*

    What about a K Custom ride? Very similar weight to the K heavy.
  8. moosryan

    Sold Sabian 21 inch bash ride

    Damn, this is the steal of the day. Basically Sabian's take on the sweet ride, as far as I can tell. I've really liked the ones I've played.
  9. moosryan

    Opinions on a 20" crash

    I am really loving my 20" Xist. Reminds me a bit of a 20" A Thin but a bit trashier. I've never been able to get myself around to the sound of the K Dark Thins...I've heard so many and they never click with me. Could be up your alley!
  10. moosryan

    Drum sticks ok for carry on at airlines?

    I seem to always get my bags investigated when I have a stickbag inside with brushes. I've never had an issue actually getting through, but I consistently get held up to explain what they are.
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    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    Ditto to Rhythm Devil! Very smooth and friendly. I've also had great transactions of late with Sammybear and torydrum.
  12. moosryan

    Suggestions for a good crash/ride?

    If you can find one, the Paiste Twenty Light Ride is a killer crash as well.
  13. moosryan

    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    Great sale from drummaman1! Shipped quickly and packed very well. Thanks!
  14. moosryan

    SPD-SX Bag/Case

    An update for anyone interested! I wound up with this bag here: It seems pretty well made so far. It fits the SPD plus the mounting bracket and it has a nice padded pocket in the front with space for a trigger, footpedal, and some cables. It's...
  15. moosryan

    SPD-SX Bag/Case

    Thanks to you both! That Mono bag looks amazing, I'll have to check it out and see if it's worth the spend. I don't know how well made it is, but I'm looking at this SKB bag as well:
  16. moosryan

    SPD-SX Bag/Case

    Anyone using anything they like? I have this SKB case for touring ( but it's a total tank and too unwieldy for toting around on a regular basis. Would...
  17. moosryan

    Thin Crashes in Louder Music

    Great suggestions all around, thanks! I've had my eyes on Dark Energies, but I'm not sure I want to drop the $$$ (would probably require seriously thinning the herd). Going to some older, thinner A crashes could be an interesting route.
  18. moosryan

    Thin Crashes in Louder Music

    Great thoughts, thanks to all! The A Customs didn't necessarily sound hard from behind the kit, but they just didn't blend in at all when I played the rehearsal recording back. The synth and guitar tones are so dark and delicate it just requires an element of cymbal selection here I don't think...
  19. moosryan

    Thin Crashes in Louder Music

    Thinking about the cymbal setup I want to use for a new band. It's got an 70s-80s synth/glam pop vibe (think maybe Tango in the Night-era FM, with some Cars, Siouxie, and Blondie) and so far nothing I've tried out sounds dark enough. Started out with Paiste Sigs/2002s and A Customs, and it...
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    Just to throw Pete a line here, I used a set like these (which I stripped and restained, the wood wasn't bad underneath) as my main working bop kit for a lot of years and I still have them! The drums actually sound great tuned up—I would be very hard pressed to part with mine. The peace of mind...