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    Official Yamaha Drums Thread

    Pics of my Yamaha Dave Weckl Signature maple snare drum.
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    Gretsch shootout by DCP

    @ the 40 second mark... I'm pretty sure he just called these Gretschkies a DOWNBEAT o_O
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    SOLD 20" Zildjian K Jazz Ride (IAK) 2197gr

    :) I guess I did...
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    SOLD 22" K. Zildjian Constantinople Medium Thin Low

    Not interested in trades right now. Already had some bites but I'll try and get a soundfile
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    SOLD 20" Zildjian K Jazz Ride (IAK) 2197gr

    SOLD 2197 grams - Workhorse $200 p/s Video shot on my iPhone:
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    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    Just received a perfectly packed K Con MTL from Kluger in record time. Shipped out in the morning on 2/20 - Received it close of business 2/21 :happy11:
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    Zildjian K Con MTL 22" Sold!

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    70's B/O Acrolite 5X14 Snare

    PM sent
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    Player's Acro or Ming Pure

    Looking for a decent all around 5.5 or 6x14
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    3 ply Gretsch rounbadge WMP link to sale page. Really looking for a cheap bop set or other Plus $500. Would also consider a nice ride - 22" k con, kerope, agop... Willing to take offers. let me know what...
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    Gretsch Roundbadge Set WMP 3Ply - Possible Trade plus cash?

    Thanks Aaron. And for an outright sale...I was valuing a used bop kit (like I listed ) in the $300 dollar range. So $800 ish. Maybe this ad should've been in the swap shop? Would to hear any offers. May consider pies also? Pm me. Bump
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    Gretsch Roundbadge Set WMP 3Ply - Possible Trade plus cash?

    First sorry about the pics. I just moved and can't cant find my camera. Sizes are 24x14, 13x9 and a 6.5x 14 snare. All 3 ply w silver sealer. Player. The 13 is in very good condition. Good edges, original stick chopper hoops and tunes up beautifully. The only thing I would note is a slight...
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    Gretsch 3ply questions...strange

    I just find it strange. I had another 3 ply kit that was older (I am assuming) and it had fountain Ts and clear interior. that kit had spurs and the hex Pratt muffler. I think I may go with the atlas lugs/spurs.
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    Gretsch 3ply questions...strange

    I just picked up a WMP Gretsch 3 ply kit with a 24x14 bass drum. (Here is the strange part) The only hardware is the a rail consolete. By this I mean there are no spurs or Pratt muffler nor are there any extra holes drilled for them???? It has newer style Ts instead of the earlier fountain Ts...
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    Tama Superstar Classic Jazz

    I'm very interested in these...4 PC , all maple shells, good selection of finishes and a decent price point. anybody out there have a set of these yet? thoughts ? also, where are all the sound files? I can't find a single video of the bop configuration.
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    1964 KSB Ludwig Super-Supra - 6.5x14 - $190

  17. swayed1

    1964 KSB Ludwig Super-Supra - 6.5x14 - $190

    Yes! Anthonyfossaluzza - you are correct. The shell was sandblasted then wet-sanded. Thanks Mike! I think it looks pretty cool too. Got a few people kicking the tires, but right now still available so I'm bump bump bumpin up. Thanks Aaron
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    1964 KSB Ludwig Super-Supra - 6.5x14 - $190

    Here was a kind of fun project drum that I took on last year. (I purchased it here from a forum member). The previous owner painted the entire thing black. (see before pic) I'm guessing he did this b/c the chrome was flaking pretty bad. Naturally, I removed all the black paint and the chrome...
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    Rogers 18" Kick Silver Mist

    18x16 big R floor tom?