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  1. hatandbeard

    WTB: Snare throw off replacements for ddrum and pork pie snares and pdp tension rods

    I'm helping a friend get their snare back up n running. Some of you may know than I about these etc. Anyone have these throw off parts or any pdp tension rods for the wood hoop snare? Anyone know where to find them? Many advanced thanks!
  2. hatandbeard

    FS: Pearl Cymbal Stand Boom Arm Midsection

    Pearl Cymbal Stand Boom Arm Midsection Excellent condition overall Has a fair amount of weight to it, probably from a heavyduty double braced stand Doubt that you would be disappointed Lots of life left $40 shipped in the us48 Happy to chat
  3. hatandbeard

    FS: Random Parts Pieces LOT major brands MIJ generic odd ends

    Here's a small pile of stuff. Would be great to sell all together. If not take ur pick. Mostly 6mm cup washers Carriage bolt and wing screws MIJ thumb screws LP wing screw Bass drum pedal spike Plastic vent hole Hi-hat cup screw 2 small rubber feet Bass drum felt beater Etc odds ends $50 shipped...
  4. hatandbeard

    Premier part piece

    Found a premier piece among my parts.. Anyone know what this would be used for I'm thinking maybe cowbell attachment or cymbal arm or cymbal post attachment. It is for sale but I don't know what to call it or what the price it at I appreciate the help
  5. hatandbeard

    FS: Vintage Gretsch 60s hi-hat stand and vintage gretsch hi-hat clutches

    Gretsch hi-hat pedal-stand / hi-hat clutches My favorite hi-hat stand broke so I'm just going to go ahead and sell it as Parts seems like it would be an easy fix but not something that I can do you might have to weld something etc. I love both these clutch pieces but I am going to go ahead and...
  6. hatandbeard

    Gretsch copper mist lacquer 12x16 new era round badge bass drum shell with vintage parts

    I got lucky and nabbed this shell from Lee Ruff..for a short short time he had this and an identical 14x18 on Ebay..they were only up for a few days and then he took them down; partially due to him wanting to keep them etc. Only the shell, hoops and original new non-springloaded lugs were...
  7. hatandbeard

    FS: Diamond Plate Short Spade Vertical Spade L-Arm Unused Brand New Repros

    I bought a new repro consolette kit/set/pack and only needed it for the updated rail consolette and consolette key. These are all brand new unused. Happy sell together or separately. $30 diamond plate shipped $25 short spade shipped $17 L-Arm shipped $30 Vertical Spade shipped shipping in the...
  8. hatandbeard

    FS: Vintage Gretsch Broadkaster Bass Drum Claws Nickel 16 excellent condition

    For Sale Vintage Gretsch Broadkaster Bass Drum Claws Excellent condition overall Nickel finish no rust no pitting Full set of 16 Doubt that you would be disappointed $175 shipped in the us48 International shipping will be more etc please message me first Happy to chat
  9. hatandbeard

    WTB: Beato Pro 1 14x18 Bass drum bag

    I adore the pro 1 beato bag Anyone selling a 14x18 beato pro 1 bass drum bag? Preferably non-cigsmoking no pets home. Many thanks!
  10. hatandbeard

    FS: Vintage Slingerland Radio King Streamline Cigar Bass Drum Lugs Nickel

    For Sale Vintage Slingerland Radio King 1940s Streamline Cigar Bass Drum Lugs Large 3.5" total length 16 total 3" hole spacing Single ended bass drum lugs Nickel finish, they need to be cleaned/polished, they will clean up quite nice though!, minor/little to no pitting, looks like they've...
  11. hatandbeard

    FS: Gretsch and Spizzichino Lee Ruff t-shirts medium

    For Sale Gretsch t-shirts, red and blue, great overall condition, lots of life left, small amount of wear/marks but not too bad at all, medium-sized. Spizzichino Lee Ruff t-shirts, blue and black, great overall condition, lots of life left, small amount of paint mark on the blue one...
  12. hatandbeard

    Found:WTB: gretsch classic bass drum decal black

    Anyone have one? I most likely will put it in the classic left side 10o'clock position versus centered should that matter etc. Many advanced thanks!
  13. hatandbeard

    Repro Consolette

    Has anyone noticed that the new reproduction consolette main bar/arm does not have the correct radius to hug the shell??
  14. hatandbeard

    FS: Gretsch Round Badge 60s Vintage Snare Drum Microsensitive Strainer Throwoff Minty Clean Strong Mechanism

    For Sale Vintage Gretsch Round Badge 60s Snare Drum Microsensitive Strainer Throwoff Minty clean bright chrome, little to no pitting/minor pitting, will clean up even nicer etc Strong unused mechanism, no repairs, no modifications, holds tight From a vintage Gretsch Round Badge field snare drum...
  15. hatandbeard

    FS: Vintage Slingerland Radio King Sound King Bass Drum Lugs Nickel 8 Total

    Slingerland Bass Drum Lugs Nickel Radio/Sound King Vintage 50s Vintage 50s Era Lug Radio/Sound King Model Hole Spacing 2 1/4" Large Bass Drum Lug Nickel Plating Original felt packing of springs No backing screws Will clean up nice Inside threads look fine but no way to tell I don't have radio...
  16. hatandbeard

    SOLD/FS: SPL hi-hat stand-SOLD, Mapex heavyduty boom cymbal stand, generic bass drum pedal SOLD, Gibraltar drum throne base Pearl top SOLD

    For Sale Mapex Boom Cymbal Stand Excellent condition overall Boom cymbal stand Heavy duty Can telescope tall, great for a microphone or a Gong or a hanging tom Double braced Has two unoriginal Gibraltar thumbscrews otherwise functions as it should Has felts and thumbscrew and used plastic...
  17. hatandbeard

    FS: Early Sabian Sound Control Ride 20" HH Sound Control Ride black logo

    For Sale 20" Vintage Sabian HH Sound Control Ride 2168grams black logo $450 shipped Happy to chat This needs a new home Happy to ship anywhere in the world buyer pays shipping insurance customs fees handling etc please inquire
  18. hatandbeard

    WTB: Chicago city area/remo ambassador

    ...anyone in chicago/city area near CTA etc, have a used/nondented 14" remo coated ambassador or two for sale?
  19. hatandbeard

    FS: Vintage Gretsch 16" field snare drum wood hoops 60s 3 ply w/ Field Snare Tension Rope & Nylon Gut Snare Wires

    For Sale Gretsch 60s 16" snare drum wood hoops These are from a vintage Gretsch Round Badge 14x16 rope tension field snare drum 1960s The hoops have rope tension slots/angled eyelet holes as you would expect; as to allow the rope to tension through back and forth throughout all the hoop eyelets...
  20. hatandbeard

    FS: 1owner house kept Vintage 60s/70s Ludwig Super Classic Drum Set w/ 10 lug Supra and many extras Blue Sparkle 20 12 16 5x14

    For Sale Vintage Ludwig Super Classic Drum Set with matching 10 lug Supraphonic Original Blue Sparkle Late 60s early 70s 1 owner, Born together set, I received set from my neighbor who got it when he was a kid from his parents. Most likely from one of the Chicago drum shops during the 70's era...