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  1. Stickclick

    Did the crisis bring an end to your band?

    We still practice about once a week.
  2. Stickclick

    A video of one of my bands on the Czech Republic

    The audience was enjoying it.
  3. Stickclick

    These Pearl Exports cleaned up nice

    Those are beautiful drum kits. You guys are giving me GAS.
  4. Stickclick

    Our latest piece

    Professionally done!
  5. Stickclick

    How do you promote your band ?

    What works best for us is putting up a poster at the venue.
  6. Stickclick

    My new tree on my back porch.

    I could use one of those. I have some cymbals I could put on there.
  7. Stickclick


    Police shut down our gig Friday night 3 July 2020.
  8. Stickclick

    Dawn soak question

    I believe Dawn is a solution of soap (sodium stearate) in water. I don't think that would help a rust problem.
  9. Stickclick

    People that take apart drums and sell the pieces are horrible humans.

    I don't have a problem with it. It's good in that it provides a supply of spare parts.
  10. Stickclick

    Spoken Word and Percussion

    That sounds similar to people rapping over drum tracks.
  11. Stickclick

    O.T.: DFO advertisements

    I don't know. Right now I see a hamburger ad, but I haven't clicked on any hamburger anything lately.
  12. Stickclick

    Completely lost Newbie

    My experience is my drums automatically started sounding better the more I played them. Give it time and practice.
  13. Stickclick

    Doom Schneider Lifts the Curtain on Drumming in Communist East Germany

    How do you know when someone is spying for Stasi?
  14. Stickclick

    Doom Schneider Lifts the Curtain on Drumming in Communist East Germany

    There was once a band in Russia named Pussy Riot. Band members spent some time in jail. I don't know what happened to them but I hope they are OK.
  15. Stickclick

    I'm not a drum solo kind of guy, but this is such a classic, fitting and grooving solo!

    Ron Wood on guitar. Drums kick in about 3:18, solo at 4:25.
  16. Stickclick

    Gorilla Glue...actually not off topic....Fun fact.

    I have some Gorilla Glue at my house. I did not know that it can be used to repair drum sticks. Thanks for the tip.
  17. Stickclick

    What constitutes a “complete” kit?

    One part more than you already have.
  18. Stickclick

    Doom Schneider Lifts the Curtain on Drumming in Communist East Germany

    I met a Russian woman once. She was a musician and singer. We asker her to sing at one of our gigs and the audience loved her. I asked her if she was performing in Russia. She replied "no, because she did not have the permit, did not go to the necessary music school". It is so different here in...
  19. Stickclick

    Marijuana and Drumming ?

    Here in the USA penalties for possession of marijuana vary from state to state. I am not aware of anyone arrested for possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana. Police will take the marijuana away from people if there are no other issues. However, if at a traffic stop there is an arrest...
  20. Stickclick

    Marijuana and Drumming ?

    I don't smoke; If I smoke then I can't play. I turn into a useless musician that can't play at all. It is exceedingly frustrating to me. I want to play, the music sounds so beautiful, but I can't play. So I don't smoke. About a year ago I was jamming with some friends. They all got high, I...