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  1. cornelius

    Has anybody ever seen this technique before?

    Kind of a cool fanning technique on the snare...
  2. cornelius

    Vulfpek Live

    I noticed that Vulf played MSG recently.
  3. cornelius

    New Craviotto Aluminum

    I noticed these today: Seems like they’re competing in the Dunnett price range for metal snares...
  4. cornelius


    Not sure if they were covered here yet, but this band is great:!LDL9Q
  5. cornelius

    Rough Tension Rods/Washers

    Hey people - question - the metal washers on my snare are getting pretty chewed up. This is a steel snare with triple flanged rims that I've had for a couple of months, and over time, t-rods were getting more and more difficult to turn. I checked them out and the washers are really rough, and...
  6. cornelius

    Phil and Chester

    I know there are some Phil fans here - I was wondering this has already circulated... This one's kinda cool too:
  7. cornelius

    Super Fancy Studio Gear

    Hey everyone, I 'm not sure how many audio peeps are here, but there's a great article on the recording of "Fly Like an Eagle" in the November issue of "hi-fi news & record review". There are even a couple of quotes from Mallaber about the process. The thing that caught my eye, was a small pic...
  8. cornelius

    Black Beauty Bummer

    Hey has anyone ever seen a cracked Supraphonic shell? I have a late 70s 5x14 Black Beauty - I bought it about 8 or 9 years ago, I gigged with it a few times, but it never sounded like I thought it would, and shelved it until now. It actually sounds pretty good, but I just noticed a very thin...
  9. cornelius

    NOS Supra?