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    Cutting a shell this way???

    this works on 3 ply shells with re-rings, using this method you keep lug holes centered, and keep bearing edges, i'm using jazz's numbers, first draw a line across shell, this will line every thing up when it goes back together, using a table saw with fence set at 1" slowely turn shell into...
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    Cutting a shell this way???

    if your going to do drum repair? i think you need a table saw & router tables with fence?
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    Would you let a bandmember borrow one of your kits?

    funny, i'm sitting here, what would I say if he asked to borrow my wife?
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    WANTED: Gig Bags for a Vintage Kit

    I have as new set , 12", 13", 16" ,22" no name on them, canvas like material, truth is, i'm to lazy to bag & unbag 4 times to go play! asking $150. usd. nay interest pm for pic's
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    ludwig bop kit

    7 ply shells? that have been wrapped in burgundy sparkle, not a mark on it, all Ludwig hardware in near perfect condition, all heads new hi-drolic, bass--18" x 12" 8 lugs, tom post, 2 legs---floor tom 14" x 12" 10 lugs, 3 leg & mounts--high tom 10" x 8" 6 lugs, mount--high tom 8" x 8" 4...
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    burgundy sparkle tom

    have 2 Ludwig burgundy toms, 13" both nice player condition. asking $200. usd. each + shipping.
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    Ludwig 3 ply 16" shell

    I have a 15" marching snare, striped of hardware, yours for cost of shipping.
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    WTB: Ludwig T-Rod for mid-60s Club Date Bass Drum

    I have some, pm me
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    custom bop kit SOLD

    drums have been sold.
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    custom bop kit SOLD

    yes its a veneer, has a fancy name, but also called tamo ash.
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    custom bop kit SOLD

    3 ply shell with re-rings, has a tamo ash veneer wood covering, all hoops are wood, all chrome is Ludwig, in near perfect condition, 18"x13" bass, 8 lugs, 2 legs, 1 rail mount.....14"x14" floor, 8 lugs, 3 legs & mounts.....12"x 8" tom, 6 lugs, 1 heads. reason for sale, I 'm now...
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    speed-king pedal's

    have 3 or 4 more that are with my kits!
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    speed-king pedal's

    have a few pedals, some will need cleaning & lube job, asking $75. each usd. + the ride
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    WTB: Ludwig 5/16" curved spur

    i have your post & two arms.
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    Scrap Ludwig 3 Ply Shell

    I have it, but cost to much to send you a piece, Canada, I made a plate for my hole.
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    1950's-1960's Premier Royal Ace snare..need 2 lugs

    I have your lugs, shell was bad shape, I robbed the hoops any interest pm me.
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    FOUND: 16 Ludwig T Rods and Claws

    I have 16, T's, claws, washers. pm me if any interest
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    Ludwig parts needed

    so far, every thing is moveing, I've had no problems, maybe few days later as every thing has gone on-line shopping?
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    Ludwig parts needed

    I have every thing you need , except the 5/16" bass legs