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  1. bbunks

    OT - computer speakers

    I have a 15+ year old pair of speakers and a small sub that I use with my computer for music listening - the old Harmon Kardon stick speakers. They're occasionally going out and I’m starting to research a replacement. Just wondering if anyone has a recommendation? Thank you in advance.
  2. bbunks

    King Crimson - Now We Dance :-)

  3. bbunks

    Cindy Blackman Santana

    Saw Cindy and her band (keys, bass, guitar & Cindy) last night at Keystone Korner in Baltimore. I was visiting my childhood buddy, making it a music weekend (saw Steve Hackett Friday). Told him to expert an aggressive performance. Boy, aggressive doesn't even begin to describe it. We had a...
  4. bbunks

    OT - Music Streaming Services

    Apple Music or Spotify? Or something else (Amazon?). Have long been an Apple Music user with a family account, but I'm getting frustrated with aspects of the user experience. Would appreciate your thoughts about what you use.
  5. bbunks

    EAD-10 -- new in the box - SOLD

    I bought a Yamaha EAD-10 in April 2018 from Interstate Music. Never have used it - in fact, I've never even opened the box. Life just got busy and I think it's best if I sell it. $370 shipped in continental U.S.
  6. bbunks

    Healless DW 5000 pedal SOLD

    Excellent condition. $100 shipped in Continental U.S.
  7. bbunks

    Old style Pearl Eliminator Double Pedal -- SOLD

    Works really well. Great for a rehearsal room, practice kit or just as a cheap way to build your double pedal chops. $50 shipped in continental U.S.
  8. bbunks

    2 Pearl ISS Mounts

    I have 2 of these - same size. $20/each shipped in continental U.S. or $35 shipped for both. I also have one Pearl short mounting arm for these - $20 shipped in continental U.S. Please send PM if you're interested.
  9. bbunks

    Mountable things to hit and shake

    Miscellaneous percussion stuff. $20 each, shipped in continental U.S. Bottom Row - Rhythm Tech mounted scratcher (cabasa) - Rhythm Tech H2 Hat Shake (hi hat shaker) - Greg Keplinger Ching Ring Middle - Rhythm Tech hi hat tambourine w/ brass jingles - Rhythm Tech H2 HatTrick hi hat tambourine...
  10. bbunks

    Band Leader is a Crook

    I subbed with a horn band last summer. Tonight I opened Facebook to find the bassist had posted a news story that the band leader had been arrested last Thursday after robbing a bank. Truth will always be stranger than fiction. Apparently he’s done time before...
  11. bbunks

    Beer Tap strainer - slipping

    Anyone have experience using something other than a threaded cord with knots on the ends to secure the snares with this strainer? Looks like the thread is stretching after a short use, and even with the strainer at a tight tension, the snares remain fairly loose. Thank you!
  12. bbunks

    Modern Vintage 2 heads

    Put them on my DWs yesterday and am having a heck of a time getting them to sound good - nice round tone. I’m not going to pretend I’m a tuning pro, but I haven’t had a hard time with any other heads on these drums. Anyone using these? Any and all suggestions appreciated. Thank you.
  13. bbunks

    OT - time moves on...retiring in 3 weeks

    After working full-time for 39 years, i’m headed to semi-retirement on March 15. I’m going do some to coaching and consulting for a bit for income, but otherwise, l’ll be doing the house stuff, will have a little more drum practice time and the chance to work on some personal projects. I’m...
  14. bbunks

    Craviotto Mahogany Snare 4x14

    And this drum is SOLD! I have this for sale on Reverb Best wishes and Happy New Year! Bill
  15. bbunks

    LiveBPM alternate for a gig?

    For some reason LiveBPM won't show up on my iPhone screen. The app "opens" but the screen remains dark. Have deleted and reinstalled the app to no avail. Anyone have an alternative? Love using it on a gig and have one in a few weeks. Thank you.
  16. bbunks

    OT: London & Ireland

    Im going for two weeks the middle of this month. Any recommendations? Thank you!!
  17. bbunks

    Free stuff - all spoken for

    1. 3 wood beaters - Danmar (red), DW (natural) and LowBoy Lightweight ****BEATERS ARE TAKEN**** 2. 2 old style DW throwoffs with butt plates (only one is shown, but have both) *******THROWS ARE TAKEN***********
  18. bbunks

    OT: Music Streaming Service?

    Interested in what you're using for streaming? I've had an Apple Music account, but am thinking about killing it and moving to Spotify? there something else folks are really happy with? Thank you.
  19. bbunks

    Yeti USB Microphone

    Bought the Yeti USB microphone brand new last Spring and have never used it. $80 shipped in U.S.
  20. bbunks

    Shure Drum Mic Pack

    These have been sold Shure mic pack for drums - $275 - 3 SM57s with clips and mounts - 1 Beta 52 with clip - 4 microphone cables - carrying case I bought these for a band where I had to provide my own mics for larger gigs. These were lightly used - maybe 10 gigs before the band broke...