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  1. publius

    EAK 20” Ride

    20 EAK Zildjian Ride. Really nice patina on this one, and lovely stick definition over the characteristic dark wash of EAK. $225 plus shipping. See soundcloud link below for sound file
  2. publius

    Zildjian EAK 20” Ride 2474

    Zildjian EAK 20 Ride cymbal. 2474 grams. This one has beautiful hammering top and bottom, and a wonderful wash underneath the ping. You can definitely tell this one was hand-hammered. There is a pretty good flea bite that I tried to show in the picture, but of course it doesnt affect the sound...
  3. publius

    Ludwig Stainless Steel

    Are the ludwig stainless steel kits heavier than an equivalent wood kit? I've been interested in the stainless because of the sound, but was also thinking about the advantages (for me) because i often leave my drums in the car which sometimes isn't the best practice in my climate.
  4. publius

    Amazing Weckl solo

    I've never been a big Weckl fan. I certainly admire his talent but just not my cup of tea. But this solo is just monstrous:
  5. publius

    16"' K Con Hi Hats

    somebody please buy these so i don't:
  6. publius


    I've used a beat bug over the years, but it's finally quit working. So i tried LiveBPM for a few gigs. I'm wondering how accurate this app is, because it seems to fluctuate an awful lot -- even when I hold it up to a speaker with radio music that i know was recorded with a click. I don't know...
  7. publius

    SOLD: EAK 14" hi hats

    14" EAK hi hats, 1085g/1320g. These hats are a beautiful example of EAK hats. I bought them on ebay for $300 just a few months ago. I'm trying to move them fast so selling for $245 plus shipping. hear on soundcloud: (sorry for the snare stand...
  8. publius

    DW ultralight snare stand

    $50 shipped in US. I've used this about 15 times on local gigs.
  9. publius

    20s black beauty

    i've been looking for a 20's black beauty, for a player, not to collect. this one is intriguing. it says there are no extra holes with the dunnett strainer. could that be true? and is it possible to get repro strainers for this drum? i know i said i want a player, but i don't like the...
  10. publius

    Dixie Chicken

    Does anyone have a transcription of Dixie Chicken by Little Feat? Trying to figure out exactly what he's doing.
  11. publius

    DW ultra light snare

    I've posted about this before, before I bought one. I wanted so badly to like it because of all the weight it saves. But there are at least 2 deal breakers for me, and maybe someone will read this and save themselves some money (not that everyone would agree with me, but you know what i mean)...
  12. publius

    Cymbal tree

    I have my cymbals strewn on my ping pong table. I'd like to find an old Zildjian store display rack, but barring that, what are you folks using to store cymbals between gigs?
  13. publius

    EAK 20" Ride 2408 g $250!

    Zildjian EAK 20" Ride, 2408 grams. This is a very nice one, with a clear ping followed by dark wash that's characteristic of the EAKs. The cymbal show no signs of wear with no cracks or other defects. Actually surprisingly great condition for a cymbal that is 35+ years old. $295 $285...
  14. publius

    SOLD EAK Heavy Ride

    For sale: EAK Heavy Ride, approximately 2604 grams. I bought several EAK's at once and am selling all but one. This cymbal is not as heavy as some of the "heavy rides," and it sounds and records great. Very distinct ping, but still with very complex wash underneath. I will post a link to a...
  15. publius

    WTB: EAK's

    I'm looking for an EAK crash, 16" and larger, but in the light range (as are many i guess). Also looking for a set of 14, or even better 15" EAK hats.
  16. publius

    tonites pies

    Newly acquired EAK 20" Heavy Ride, 16" first run K Constantinople, 16" 70s New Beats
  17. publius

    zildjian comparison video

    i thought this was very interesting:
  18. publius

    hardware bag

    I've really been pleased with this bag. I've pared everything down so i can fit all my hardware in it, and it's pretty sturdy.
  19. publius

    Mono bag

    I experienced my first cracked cymbal recently. I don't know how it happened, but it cracked at the edge, and i think it may have had to do with the bag hitting the ground. I have a pretty nice Humes & Berg bag. Has anyone used one of these? I like the plastic "boot" that protects cymbals...
  20. publius

    EAK score

    For a couple of years i've been obsessed with new stamp K istanbuls. I am sold on hand-hammered cymbals and think they have a mojo that others just don't. But sometimes i find them not quite cutting enough for amplified music. So after listening to some sound samples i've decided to dip my...