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    Sabian 15" HHX studio crash as HH top?

    I've got an HHX 15" studio crash (old logo) LOL. Not in love with it as a crash cymbal might try it as a HH top. Anyone ever give it a go?
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    Carmine Appice returns to Sabian!

    A little memorial day weekend banter. Enjoy folks. Per his FB page. "Back with Sabian cymbals here is my new prototype set up for the tonight and tomorrow . Playing with Vanilla Fudge at Beatles Abby Rd Festival outside Louisville KY. Also playing great drums new DDRUM MAX kit with maple...
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    Opinion wanted...Trash Crashes

    Hello All, Just curious if anyone has an opinion to offer. I've been considering purchasing an inexpensive 18" trash crash and am down to two models. Zildjian's S series Trash Crash Meinl's Classic Custom Trash Crash Since no shop near me carries both It's been down to You Tube...
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    While it was mentioned Vinnie rejoined Gretch. Saw this sneak in too.
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    Latin Percussion..Move

    I know since the DW aquisistion LP has closed it's New Jersey office and moved west. But according to this press release American manufacturing will remain in Jersey and they will have a showroom in NYC. I just saw this even though it was from January. Thought it was cool...
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    Zildjian 18" Sound Lab Project 391 China Cymbal $99
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    Zildjian Project 391 bottom Hi Hat pairing?

    Got a 14" Zildjian Project 391 HH Bottom? Anyone have any suggestions for a pairing?
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    Yamaha Stage Custom Steel Snare 14 x 6.5 $99 Worth it?

    Guitar Center is selling a 14x6.5" Yamaha Steel Snare for $99. Question? Does anyone think this snare can be tweeked enough to make it worth the purchase. New Snares and Heads? Not expecting it to be a...
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    Weckl with Simon and Garfunkel 1983

    Been looking for recordings of this tour for years!
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    Cool items made in the US by small companies

    Recently I've come upon these two companies making accessory items. US based and US made. Just passing the word along. I am not affiliated in any way. Trying to help out some domestic makers. Making cool looking wooden bass drum beaters in a variety of colors...
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    Evans G plus vs. G14

    I would like to go from a double ply head to a thicker single ply on my toms. The G plus and G 14 are a 2 mil difference. Has anyone used both and can offer a comparison. Preferably the coated version. Thanks.
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    Vinnie Colaiuta drops ALL endorsements?