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  1. Redbeard77

    new book from Matt Sorum

    Has anyone read Matt Sorum's new book, Double Talkin' Jive? Looks it was released this week but hard to find so far.
  2. Redbeard77

    Paiste line comparison video by DCP

  3. Redbeard77

    Six Noble & Cooley solid shell snares compared

    in my favorite size 14x8
  4. Redbeard77

    All melodies are copyrighted?

    A couple of guys have created and copyrighted "every" melody and made them public. This obviously raises more questions than answers, and legal interpretation remains to be seen, but it's an interesting approach. What are the pluses and minuses yall see from this? Also here's the Ted talk about it:
  5. Redbeard77

    Gretsch Brooklyn heritage build

    Chicago Drum Exchange partnered with Gretsch for a run of Brooklyn kits that harken back to the 60s Playboy sets...
  6. Redbeard77

    Cascio Cyber Monday sale

    25% off $299+ with code WOW25. You'll likely have to call to get the discount.
  7. Redbeard77

    Taylor Hawkins interview

    The title says "masterclass" but there's really not much playing. Interesting interview, though.
  8. Redbeard77

    dw True Cast bronze snare

    Just in time for Black Friday sales...
  9. Redbeard77

    Gretsch Brooklyn Standard snare

    Just saw this on Gretsch's website.
  10. Redbeard77

    20 great drum intros

    ...according to Rick Beato.
  11. Redbeard77

    CITES exception for musical instruments

    It looks like NAMM and others will succeed in getting an exception for musical instruments under the CITES ban on rosewood and other tone woods...
  12. Redbeard77

    Jim Keltner DW Icon snare

    Check it out:
  13. Redbeard77

    Paiste Sound Edge shootout

    DCP compares 15" Paiste 2002, Formula 602 and Giant Beat hats
  14. Redbeard77

    Gretsch brass snares

    I notice Sweetwater is listing a Gretsch 14x6 4166 brass snare in black nickel. I bet this is the same shell as they offered as a Brooklyn model a few years ago, but now with cast hoops. Anyway, I thought it was interesting since I haven't seen this model anywhere else...
  15. Redbeard77

    16th notes on the hat (single handed)

    Playing 16th notes with speed and endurance on the hats with just my right hand is something I've struggled with. I get by most of the time using the two-handed technique, but there is a difference and sometimes it matters to the feel of the song (like a James Gadson groove). So please share...
  16. Redbeard77

    22% off at Cascio

    Cascio Music is doing a 22% off sale today and tomorrow (May 21 and 22) with code 2DAY22 and minimum purchase of $249. Remember you may have to call to get the discount due to MAP rules. Also, it looks like you get a $25 gift card if you purchase a snare drum at 299 or more. I have no...
  17. Redbeard77

    Wizard of Odd: Vinnie Colaiuta interview

    Rick Beato sits down with the great Vinnie Colaiuta
  18. Redbeard77

    SOLD: Gretsch Swamp Dawg 14x8 snare

    SOLD 14x8 6-ply mahogany shell with 30 degree bearing edges and Gretsch's silver sealer 8 tube lugs triple flange hoops 42-strand snare wires like-new Evans G2 coated batter and 300 snare side heads $310 shipped in continental US
  19. Redbeard77

    SOLD: Pork Pie 14x7 metallic gold "Cherry Pie" snare

    SOLD Made in the USA Pork Pie 14x7 "Cherry Pie" snare drum features 4 outer plies of cherry and 3 inner plies of bubinga. These drums are no longer made, and this particular one was refinished at Pork Pie's shop in Canoga Park, CA by Bill Detamore himself in a gorgeous metallic gold lacquer. I...
  20. Redbeard77

    Attention Texans: here is your next snare

    Lone Star Percussion has teamed up with DW for a pair of Collector's Series maple snares with a gorgeous Texas inlay...